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A scarce 1871 Pattern  British Cavalry Helmet of the 1st (Royal) Dragoons.

Regulation form with nickel skull and brass fittings including helmet plate and chin chain.

Leather liner is in good condition. The nickel Dragoon helmets are much rarer than the 7 Dragoon Guards Regiments who wore brass helmets.

Very good condition $2850.00

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The 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment Officers 1855 Pattern Shako, an extremely fine and rare example, the black beaver covered body with sunken patent leather top similar bottom bracing band and front and rear peaks, correct bronze gorgon’s head at the back for ventilation. Broken and incomplete leather chin strap but with very good leather sweatband and silk attached liner. Good frontal plate correct and original to the helmet. Plume holder although original is not of the 1855 pattern but correct wool ball. The helmet is in excellent condition with very good beaver body.

Excellent condition $3750.00

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A late 18th Century George 111 Commode which has been converted to a bedside cabinet or small writing desk. The significance of this piece is that it was formally the property of Lord Birdwood (Field-Marshall the Lord William Birdwood, GCB, GCSI, GCMG, GCVO, CIE, DSO. Barron Birdwood of Anzac and of Totnes). Lord Birdwood had family in Western Australia and the grand-daughter sold a number of his personal effects in a Gregson’s Auction in 1991.

Galleried top with cut out handles. Tambour front and in the Chippendale style. Comes complete with Auctioneers letter of provenance and some research. It was even suggested that this item went ashore at Gallipoli among Birdwood’s smaller items of creature comfort.

Good condition $6750.00

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An extremely rare 1855 Pattern Shako to the 40th Foot. Actual Shako is true to pattern with front and back peaks with gorgon’s head at the back for ventilation. Officers lining in good condition but some separation from the complete leather sweat band. Complete with unbroken chin strap and worsted ball minus its holder. Heavy loss of knap to sides of shell. The two gold bands suggest rank of Colonel or Lt. Colonel. Helmet plate appears original to the helmet. The stand out feature of this shako is the AUSTRALIAN MADE (probably STOKES) Helmet plate making it one of the earliest badges made in the colony. This plate is acknowledged among the advanced collectors in Australia and one was included on an old Stokes pattern board sold a number of years ago. I am reluctant to clean this badge which shows some gilt particularly to the reverse suggesting Officers pattern which is in keeping with the helmet.

The 40th Foot served a second time in Australia in 1852 and in October 1854 quelled an uprising at Eureka Stockade going on to serve in New Zealand 1860 to 1866 prior to the introduction of the 1869 Shako. The lack of motto and garter strap may indicate a late 1844 interim Officers Star shape plate prior to the issue of the 1855 shako and simply carried over.

Helmet plate of the highest rarity $5750

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A Rare white Cloth State of Victoria Colonial 6 panel Pith Helmet complete with badge for the Victorian Military Forces which is original to the helmet.  The badge is an Officers issue gilt on a silver star and is circa 1893.  The elongated neck and body is still quite firm, with excellent puggaree.  Good condition leather sweat band with sound silk attachment. Internal body has full quilting. Complete with leather lined chin chain.

Colonial helmets are now considered extremely rare in this country and only seem to appear as a result of old collections being dispersed.

Good condition SOLD

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A good Victorian 12th Lancers cap complete. Helmet plate with Battle Honours, Peninsular, Waterloo, South Africa 1851.2.3 , Sebastopol & Central India. Two Lion head boss and velvet backed chin chain. The mortar board and skull still have superb finish although the yellow and blue band and red material show a few very minor nips.

The internal liner and frame are in very good condition and there are two marks being W^D and 3 1900. Complete with plume holder and red plume with correct tongue which has lost a little colour.

 A really nice example lance cap $2885

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A scarce Napoleonic Bi-Corn General Officers hat. The bow in the liner would indicate this hat was worn shoulder to shoulder. Unfortunately the large silk cockade and button are no longer present, but the liner shows good honest overall wear and is all present.

Overall good condition $1650

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A superb example of the extremely rare Regency period Officers Shako of the 17th Light Dragoons pattern 1812. See plate 19 “Head dresses of the British Army” – Cavalry by W. Y. Carman (pictured above).

The condition of this helmet is outstanding and possibly never worn.  The Regiment history states “1812 .. the old helmet disappeared and the felt shako took its place”. After service in India from 1808 having landed in Calcutta with 790 strong, the regiment lost through disease, invalided and killed in action 26 Officers and 796 men but received numerous reinforcements during this period. It returned home with no less than 200 all ranks.  On arriving in St. Helena in 1823 they learnt for the first time that they had been redesignated as a Lancer Regiment. It is also recorded that “the shako was discarded forever and a lance cap of the more orthodox shape introduced in its place”.

Close examination of this helmet shows almost no wear with even the complete chin strap in perfect condition. The maker’s placement of a Coat of Arms indicates a Scottish maker as the main Lion and Unicorn are reversed with first and fourth quarter of the shield depicting the Lion rampant of Scotland.

Being over 200 years old, Shakos of this quality virtually never survive. A truly magnificent example to an extremely popular regiment.


Expressions of interest

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A very good Cromwellian Lobster Tail Helmet from the English Civil War 1642-1651. True in every respect for what you would expect from this period example.

Four Lame fully articulated neck guard plus original nasal bar marked M (Nicholas Marshall?). Wing nut with good thread. Ear flap leather has been replaced at some time which is to be expected. A truly lovely example of a helmet over 350 years old.


Very good condition $5500

Extremely rare personal rank insignia for KAISER WILHELM 11 on an original pattern card with embossed gilt and colour cypher of the Emperor and Empress.

This insignia not only has the crown over the cypher but also the crossed batons signifying a Prussian General Field Marshal.

It is understood that this insignia was worn on the Field grey uniform of 1915 for the No.1 Regiment Konig-Jager (cavalry).


Extremely rare and in exceptional condition. $1685



Extremely rare personal rank insignia for KAISER WILHELM 11 on original pattern card with embossed gilt cypher of the Emperor and Empress.

This insignia not only has the crown over the cypher but also the crossed batons signifying a Prussian General Field Marshal.

It is understood that this insignia was worn on the Field grey uniform of 1915 and could be classed as a general pattern.


Extremely rare and in exceptional condition. $1585


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A good Victorian 17th Lancers cap complete. Helmet plate with 4 Crimea Battle Honours, Central India and South Africa 1879. Two Lion head boss and velvet backed chin chain (parting company with the scales towards one end). The mortar board and skull still have superb finish although the yellow and blue band show a couple of nips.

The internal liner and frame are in very good condition and there are two marks being W^D and 3 years. Complete with plume holder and white plume with correct tongue which does appear somewhat long.


A really nice example lance cap to a very popular Regiment. $3250

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A Boer War period possibly Yeomanry Khaki Drill Tunic. Five buttons with pleated breast pockets, red facings (collar, cuffs & shoulder straps), Buttons not sewn on as eyelets in place. Stand up collar suggests early Boer War.

Very Good Condition SOLD 

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British Officers red tunic to the 30th Regiment, White facings and bullion insignia for a captain, gilt buttons with Victorian crown over 30 (Cambridgeshire). Making this an early tunic prior to becoming the East Lancashire Regiment.

A few snail trails otherwise good condition SOLD  


 Artillery Welsh Division Officer’s Blue Cloth Helmet c. 1890 - 1902, the blue cloth skull complete with all gilt metal fittings, the helmet plate of Royal Arms pattern with laurel scroll above the cannon and ‘Welsh Division’ below, internally complete with original leather sweat band and silk lining and retailer ‘Hobson & Sons, London’, no evidence that any other plate was fitted to this helmet, ball pattern finial with the gilt rubbed on the front peak trim, chin chain and spine, moth damage to the right hand side near the rose side ornament




 The North Staffordshire Regiment Officer’s Victorian Period Blue Cloth Helmet, the standard pattern blue cloth skull in good condition complete with correct pattern helmet plate (no evidence of any other plate being fitted), quadrant and spike polished down to the brass, with chin chain and original leather sweat band with attached crimson silk lining, some gilt loss to the helmet plate, front peak trim and spine.




10th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers Officer’s Green Cloth Helmet, a very fine example, the green cloth skull complete with all plated fittings comprising chin chain and rose side ornaments quadrant and spike QVC star pattern helmet plate this with laurel overlays and title strap ‘10th Lancashire Rifle Vols’, in the centre on a ground of dark green velvet a silver and red enamelled rose, the plate is original to the helmet, original leather sweat band and perished elements of the attached purple silk lining, very good overall condition




 6th Lancashire (1st Manchester) Rifle Volunteers Officer’s Blue Cloth Helmet 1878-1888, an extremely fine example, the blue cloth body complete with all silver plated fittings, the helmet plate of crowned eight pointed star pattern overlaid with oak sprays and circular strap ‘Sixth Lancashire First Manchester Rifles’, in the centre on a ground of black velvet ‘6’; the helmet retailed by D. Jones, 136, Deansgate, Manchester and is complete with sweat band lining etc., together with an unnamed carrying tin, in overall excellent condition




Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry Officer’s Helmet c. 1881 – 1901.  Blue cloth skull complete with all gilt metal fittings, spike pattern finial, chin chain and spine. The helmet plate with crowned star back plate with laurel and Garter overlays, in the centre on a ground of green velvet a strung bugle horn with castle and red velvet feathers, one hook and two stud fasteners, the green velvet with fading, internally complete with original leather sweat band and silk lining in excellent condition. Overall condition is very good.                



The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort’s Own) an Officer’s Black Persian Lambskin Busby. A good quality example as described in Dress Regulations complete with rifle green sewn in cap lines, coiled bugle horn badge with green oval boss, complete with black leather chin strap, sweat band and dark crimson silk lining, scarce with original black ostrich plume over black vulture lower plume with retention ring and plume tin, good condition




 Austrian Cavalry Dragoon Officers Helmet. The skull is made of black-lacquered iron sheet, the visor and neck guard of similar construction and edged in a gilt brass rail, fire-gilt comb, side plates with snake-fighting lion decoration, triple-undulated base plate with 3 semi-spherical rivets per side, imperial double-headed eagle application to the front, chin scales in the form of stylised laurel leaves mounted on black velvet-lined leather, and lion-head rosettes. Below the lion-head rosettes, "Wassersenkel" of black lacquered sheet metal, from which gilt side forks run up to the lower edge of the side plates. The comb decorated with the imperial cipher, the crown and with armatures. No liner otherwise very good condition and a very impressive helmet




SECOND LIGHT HORSE 1930-42 full dress  Wolseley Helmet, Typical seven pleat puggaree complete with acanthus leaf base and spike. Light Horse badge is original to the helmet with no extra holes and is further attached with fine cotton. Liner and leather sweatband in excellent condition with makers label J. Compton London. Complete with chin chain and japaned storage tin. Also included are a pair of original dog tags named to QX 6236  Captain R.A.G.Muir. This helmet was originally part of the well-known General Jess Australian collection. In very good condition.



A Good example of a MORION circa 1600. Two piece skull with tall roped comb and turned over ribbed borders. All rivets present, Armourers mark close to forward point. One small hole in comb for display purposes. 

Very Good Condition SOLD


A English PIKEMANS POT circa 1650 formed in two halves joined by a turn over low comb. Broad down turned brim with all rivets present. Display holes to both ends of the points. Black tar type paint.

Reasonably Good Condition $2750


CABASSET late 16th century. Typical form with short spike comb. One lining rivet missing at rear. What is particularly nice about this helmet is that it retains a single original ear flap with small part of liner (see photo). These ear flaps are never seen on these helmets.

Good Condition $3650





 COLONIAL Pattern six panel pith helmet PRE FEDERATION STATE OF VICTORIA. Complete with quality gilt “double wreath” Victorian helmet plate with its two small lugs (close together) which indicates no other HP has been on this helmet. Gilt acanthus leaf base and ball fitting and lion head clip for chin chain retention. Complete with chin chain and corrugated sweat band base but missing the actual leather band which is something of a surprise given the quality of the rest of the helmet. These early Australian helmets are now extremely scarce in good condition.


A very scarce set of Turkish WW1 binoculars & Turkish marked binocular case by Carl Zeiss.

Binoculars are marked GOERZ MOD 1908 and are of excellent quality with very clear lens. The leather case is text book marked as per the excellent ottoman uniforms website (

Although German sets are fairly common, this is the first Turkish set I have had in 40 years.


Good condition SOLD 


 An extremely rare 1846 pattern 17th Lancers Officers Lance Cap. This example is in superb untouched condition with plume and from a very old established collection. It is even complete with cap lines, flounders and bullion tassels. The helmet plate is true to pattern  and is post Hanoverian coat of arms, yet pre the 1855 battle honours. Large lion head bosses and correct chin chain in excellent condition. Interior lining of black leather also in good condition. All in all, an exceptionally rare helmet of the Crimean period.

Please enquire for more information.





A superb pre federation   state of Victoria local forces officers uniform circa 1890. Comprising lieutenants tunic, mess dress, waist coat. shoulder belt and pouch, waist belt and buckle and side cap with embroided badge. Profusely marked with Moubray, Rowan and Hicks Melbourne, even on the reverse of the buttons.


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A rare Georgian Officers coatee in amazing condition circa 1810. Scartet cloth with dark blue facings, complete with all its gilt buttons (40) and gilt metal stringed bugles on the wings. Buttons back marked H T & D being Hammond Turner & Dixon 1800-1812. Some stain & moth under the armpits otherwise in outstanding condition.


Hallmarked (1915) silver nurses hip flask engraved “L. D. Meares 6th L. H. RGT. A.I.F.”

Sister Louisa Devenish Meares saw most of her service in Salonika with a brother (Charles Dycester Devenish Meares) serving with the 6th Light Horse. Possibly a gift from her brother or she could have been looking after the wounded from the 6th L.H (staying close to her brothers unit). Rare to find an Australian WW1 nurses attributed item. Further research could only enhance this interesting piece.

Note: Measures 14 cm x 9.5 cm



German M1916 Helmet "Sniper Brow Plate" or Stirnpanzer PLUS M16 WW1 German Helmet. Chin strap to helmet has a clean break but retains ALL furniture. Good Leather liner with 3 leather pockets (one empty) and one marked with owners name "P.Weihs". Front plate in good condition but strap broken with remnant of strap. This is totally new to the market with impeccable provenance having been found in the roof of a house being demolished and having never been in a collectors hands. 

Overall good condition SOLD


World War 1 German  pickelhaube reversible manoeuver helmet cover. Four correctly stitched eyelets with correct brass hooks for helmet retention. Spike top held by tabs to allow for ventelation. No tears or mothing. Very good condition.



 Single officers epaulette. 90th Foot. Perthshire Light Infantry. Circa 1829-1855. As worn by the 90th Regiment whilst stationed in Werstern Australia (Commanding Officer Major R. Bush) 1847-1849

Scarce item with a colonial connection. Good Condition SOLD


WW1 'Brodie' with extremely scarce Middle East cover (Mesopotamia). This cover is undoubtedly the rarest of all WW1 head dress items and is never seen. The dome and flap of cover is in extremely good condition however, there is some separation caused by the sharp edge of the helmet.

Good Condition SOLD


Two extremely rare WW1 Cap tallys. First is to H.M.A.S. Sydney and the other is to S.M.S. Emden. These two Tallys were originally purchased in the 1960's in a Princess Mary chocolate tin from a junk shop, by a well known Australian collector. This collector acquired an original German WW1 "donald duck" cap in order to display the Emden tally. 

Both Tally's are in Superb condition and are not cut short. Extremely rare and significant items with excellent provenance. 



 Wurtenburg Artillery Other Ranks Issue Kratzchen. Maker Marked "Deutsche Industrie"

Main body of cap in superb condition. A few small wear spots, where liner is attached to main body. Otherwise in excellent condition.



 Prussian NCO Garde - Schutzen (Jager) Schirmmutze.

Lovely condition, with superb liner. Remarkable given age.



 A very good example of an ORs Jager Zu Pferd lobster tailed cavalry helmet.  Great makers plate on the inside "Nerm. Weissenburger Cannstatt" (doubles as washer to hold spike). Body of helmet completely blacked including helmet plate. Complete with original chin strap and cocardes. Liner showing some wear, but complete.

Good condition. SOLD


 A great example of a Prussian OR's Kurassier Regt helmet. Maker stamped on inside "Otto Nachtigall Berlin 1915" (impressed on inside to main body of helmet at base of spike). Another cracking example of a lobster tail helmet complete with chinstrap, both cocardes and exceptional black leather liner.

Very good Condition SOLD


 A very rare Victorian silver hoof memorial inkwell to Lt. Francis Hervey Harford 10th Hussars. The base has a solid silver horse shoe and the top a fur cover opening to reveal the inkwell. There are three sets of matching hallmarks dating the piece to 1880, London. Thornhill & Co. makers, 144 Bond St. The piece in inscribed 'Bon Bon, 1st Charger, C.S.G. X. R. H. , In Memoriam F. H. H. March 31st 1879'

On the 31st of march in Afghanistan the 10th Hussars were involved in a tragic event crossing the Kabul river at Kala-i-Sak. Lt Harford, 46 N.C.O.s and men and thirteen horses were drowned in this disaster, which was subject of the famous poem by Rudyard Kipling. (below is a extract).

'Gawd 'elp 'em if they blunder, for their

boots'll pull 'em under,

By the ford o' Kabul river in the dark."

Rudyard Kipling


During the 19 century, farriers were required to remove a hoof from deceased horses as proof of death thus avoiding any suggestion of "black market" selling of horses. 



 BREASTPLATE, Early 16th century possibly German approx. 20 inches high. Roped border at neck and cod. Four articulated panels attached to main plate, complete with buckles.

Good overall condition SOLD