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An extremely rare Shako to the 88th Connaught Rangers circa 1825. This has not been an easy Shako to research, however it does carry certain features which are consistent with the changes in 1822. Bell top in appearance being approx. 7 ½ inches in height with a lacquered top of 11 inches in diameter. There are no reinforcing bands to the sides of the helmet which were introduced in 1829.

I believe that this helmet is probably an UNDRESS SHAKO often worn with the dark blue frock coat and has no chin strap or provision for a plume. The helmet plate is of the early style with wire fittings as opposed to lugs. The remaining green enamel has been reinforced with a clear lacquer to help hold it in place.

The serious badge collectors I have spoken to believe the plate could be unique and have been unable to date it to a specific period. There is no doubt that this is a very rare example to a popular Regiment in overall great condition apart from a few breaks in the leather lining. There appears to be very few surviving undress shakos to any units that appear on the market.

Very good condition $7850


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A rare Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Member of the British Empire (MBE) group for North West Europe the recipient being in addition Mentioned in Despatches for North West Europe and Korea later serving in Malaya



Nine: Member of the British Empire (MBE) 2nd type Military 1939/45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence & War Medals with Mentioned in Despatches Oak leaf Queen's Korea Medal with MID Major J R Matthews MBE REME, General Service Medal E2 bar Malaya Major J R Matthews MBE REME, United Nations Medal for Korea Queen Elizabeth 2 Coronation Medal 1953 – mounted as worn


MBE London Gazette 11 October 1945


'For gallant & distinguished service in NW Europe'


MID London Gazette 23 March 1945


'For gallant and distinguished service in NW Europe'


MID London Gazette 7 September 1952 'For gallant and distinguished services in Korea during the period 1 January to 30 June 1951'


With copy Medal roll entry for Elizabeth 2 Coronation Medal and MBE recommendation as Deputy Assistant Director of Mechanical Engineering 8th Corps stating 'This officer has held the appointment of D.A.D.M.E since the early days of the Corps in February 1943. His untiring application has played a great part in the work which REME have been able to undertake. Throughout the operation from HOLLAND to SCHLESWIG he has put in a degree of work that has enabled the branch to function normally in spite of severe reductions in personnel from accidents and sickness'.


Second Mentioned in Despatches was awarded commanding the 11th Infantry Brigade REME Workshop in Korea.


John Rose Matthews, MBE, MA was born 21 June 1914 and obtained an Honours Degree in Mechanical Sciences at Cambridge University commissioned Lieutenant 23 March 1940 promoted Captain 11 January 1943 and acting Major from 11 October 1942 and War Services substantive Major 8 November 1945 and acting Lt Colonel 8 August 1945 to 7 November 1945 and Temporary Colonel 8 November 1945 to 23 May 1947. Reverted to substantive Major on the 21 June 1950 from acting rank of Lt Colonel. Retired 21 June 1969 and granted the hon rank of Lt Colonel. John Ross Mathews died in Chichester in 1999


Note: Johnathan Collins, Warsash Hampshire 1st June 2008 £1150



GVF - NEF $2800


Four: MBE, Defence Medal, GSM clasps Palestine 1945-48, Cyprus, Arabian Peninusla  4003634 AC1 CJ Domoney RAF, RAF LSGC 4003634 SGT CJ Domoney RAF.


Note: Comes with a quality Commander in Chief’s Commendation, Various photos, Apprentices Certificate, RAF Notice Paper, RAF Education Certificate. Warrant Document and Sewing kit with hat badge



Good VF $900

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Single: Maharajpoor Star 1843 James Devine HM 39th Regt. With service docs, transferred to the Royal Canadian Rifles after 20 years service with the 39th.


Near VF $1200

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Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Suakin 1885 correctly named to J. TERRY A.B. H.M.S. TOURMALINE

Note: 60634 Petty Officer First Class Joseph Terry, born Brixham, Devon, September 1854; joined the Royal Navy as Boy second Class, January 1871; advanced Ordinary Seaman, December 1877; transferred to H.M.S. Tourmaline, September 1880; H.M.S Duke of Wellington , September 1882; H.M.S. Excellent, February 1883; H.M.S. Condon, December 1883; promoted Petty Officer Second Class, July 1887; transferred to H.M.S. Excellent , September 1887; promoted Petty Officer First Class, June 1888; shore pensioned, January 1893.

Ex Spink April 2016 sale

Pitting from star, minor edge bruise nearly very fine $425


Single: QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL 1899 three clasps : CC,OFS,T." impressed 6199 Pte. S. Miller. E. Yorkshire .Rgt.

VF $345


Single: QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL 1899 no clasps . Impressed 12754 Pte. J. Doak R.A.M.C.

Near EF $285



Trio: 1914/15 star, British War and Victory Medal all correctly impressed to 3461 CPL. (PTE on Star) G. E. SHRUBSALL 11/BN AIF.

EMB: 2ND November 1915

Appointed L/Cpl 12th May 1917 France

Appointed Cpl 5th May 1918 France

Disembarked Albany on return and discharged “T.P.E” 5th M. D. 3rd June 1919

 Note: Comes with two lovely “Trench Art” shells which Corporal Shrubsall has engraved his battle honours on



It is extremely hard to accurately know the battles a soldier was involved in making the survival of these shells with the group a very rare find and fantastic to see.

VF $875


Group of Four: 1939/45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal and Australian Service Medal 39/45. All medals correctly impressed to WX29300 A. SIGLIN

At the time of listing these Major Siglin’s service records were still sealed. The following was taken from the WW2 nominal roll;

Enlisted 2ND August 1942 into the Australian Army at Claremont, WA

Discharged 24th May 1946

Unit on discharge listed as “17 Australian Field Ambulance”

Note: Doctor Alec Siglin was an ex Perth Modern student prior to going into Medicine. Nice grouping to a local Doctor with plenty of research potential.

Near EF $545



Five: Defence Medal, War Medal, GSM Malaya & Cyprus, Korea pair 22773764 Pte GR Evans Welch (Cpl on GSM).


Very fine or better $990

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Eight: Defence Medal, War Medal, General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya 22847192 Sgt D G Bennett RAOC, Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Malay Peninsula 22847192 WO CL 2 D G Bennett RAOC, Long Service & Good Conduct Medal E2 Regular Army 22847192 WO CL 2 D G Bennett RAOC, Sultan of Oman Peace Medal and General Service Medal clasp Dhofar unnamed as issued, Sultan of Oman As-Samood Medal unnamed as issued.


The group is mounted court style as originally worn and comes with an original German ID pass, presumably used when serving with BAOR.


Note: The Sultan of Oman Medals were manufactured by Spink of London.


The medals were instituted by Sultan Qaboos bin Said in 1976 at the end of the Dhofar Rebellion which had begun in 1962 for service in Dhofar. As-Samood Medal (Midal al-Samood).


GVF - NEF $990



Pair: War Medal, GSM clasp Palestine 1945-48  14036295 Pte R J Catley RMP


VF $175

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Single: GSM clasp SE Asia 1945-46 2386201 Cpl RA Precious R Sigs


Note: Comes with original box of issue


EF $165


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Single: GSM QE2 with bars Malaya, Arabian Peninsula, Brunei. Correctly named to 23734265 Spr D. O'Rahilly RE.


Denis was known as Paddy and Bulker seen here on the 410 troop webpage


and also here


Movements of 11 Sqn RE (including 410 Troop)


11 Squadron, 11 Field Squadron

Dates         Location           Higher Formation / Notes

1950.01          Hong Kong: Sek Kong. Formed by renumbering 50 Field Sqn, 24 Field Engineer Regiment

1951.05          Austria: Villach/Klagenfurt Independent

May 51: Renamed 11 Independent Field Squadron  

1953.12          England: Chatham  

1954.12          Malaya: Sungei Besi          

 Feb 50: Under command 50 Field Engineer Regiment          

Aug 55: Under command of 28 Brigade

1956.02          North Malaya: Kemayan, Pahang            410 Ind. Plant Troop attached

1956.08          Malaya: Butterworth            28 Brigade

May - Dec 60: Borneo       

1962.04          Malaya: Terendak Camp, Malacca           28 Brigade

Jul - Nov 62: North Borneo: Kota Belud           

 1963:           Sarawak         

 Dec 63 - Jun 64: Thailand (Op Crown and Post Crown)       

 Dec 65 - May 66: Thailand (Op Crown and Post Crown)       

 Aug 67 - Jan 68: Thailand (Op Crown and Post Crown)       

 1969           Reduced to cadre


Note: From the Collection of Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Near EF $450


GSM Clasp Canal Zone 22541899 SIGM WAJ Griffin R Signals, AGS Clasp Kenya I.P. W Griffins, AGS Clasp Kenya 22541899 CPL WAJ Griffin R Sigs and the Sultan of Oman As-Samood Medal unnamed as issued..


Good VF $900


General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula, Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland, Long Service & Good Conduct Medal E2 Regular Army to Staff Sergeant A M Shearer, Royal Army Ordnance Corps.


General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula 23534022 Pte A M Shearer RAOC,

Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland 23534022 S Sgt A M Shearer RAOC

Long Service & Good Conduct Medal E2 Regular Army 23534022 S Sgt A M Shearer RAOC.


Note: With many entries from the RAOC Gazette, provided, enlistment to retirement as a WO2.

VF $525



GSM clasp MALAYA 4195349  S.A.C. P.H.TYLER.  RAF. GSM 62 clasp DHOFAR C4195349  CPL P H  TYLER  RAF, RAF Long Service & Good Conduct with original box the medal is correctly impressed to; C4195349  SGT P H TYLER  RAF


VF $990


GSM 62 clasp DHOFAR, UN Cyprus, RAF LSGC ER11 to G1960022 Cpl A Harrison RAF. LSGC names as SGT. 

Near EF $750



GSM clasp Arabian Penninusla 9264 Pte Nasser Aboulla Audhali APL


VF $165

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CSM clasp Dhofar 24181255 Gnr A Drummond RA.

Good VF $400



GSM clasp Malaya 23281842 PTE E A A G STANDEN QUEENS.


Note: Ernest Arthur Alfred George Standen Died 2007


Good VF $165