British  Medals


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Nine: CBE (Military), 1939/45 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Queens Korea Medal, UN Korea Medal, GSM (GVI) with clasp “Malaya” and EII Coronation Medal. Queens Korea and GSM both correctly impressed “COL. A. J. CLYNE. STAFF”, All other medals un-named as issued.

Born in Melbourne Victoria 1907 and educated at the University High School in Melbourne before going onto study at the Melbourne University. During his study he was awarded the Keith Levi Memorial Scholarship in Medicine and later won the Jamieson Prize in Clinical Medicine.

1933 he become the Regional Medical Officer for the Melbourne Hospital.

Commissioned in the British Army 1934

1935-46 serving in India, Assam and Burma as the Commanding Officer of the Indian C.C.S. (14th Army) and then as Commanding Officer of British Military Hospitals in Bombay and Delhi

During the period of 1950-56 he served in Korea in 1952 and as Consulting Surgeon F.E.L.F. in Malaya and then Hon. Consulting Surgeon for the Singapore General Hospital

Citation covering the period of July 1950 – 31 December 1953

“Col. CLYNE has held the appointment of consulting Surgeon to the Army in FFARELF for the past three and a half years. During this period of service he has personally carried out over five hundred major surgical operations in all parts of FARELF.

This officer has been quite indefatigable in carrying out his onerous duties. He insists on always being on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in case his services are required for a serious emergency operation. He has given much thought and time to the training of junior surgeons in order that the high standard which he has set himself can be maintained for the benefit of all troops and families.

Immediate departure to Malaya by air is a commonplace in his routine, in order that the highest skill available can be given to seriously wounded cases requiring immediate operation. The acknowledged surgical skill of this officer, combined with his kindly after care of patients, is a cherished memory for a great number of officers and men still serving in Malaya as well as for those who have departed to other commands.”

1956-59 saw him as the Consulting Surgeon H. Q. British Army of the Rhine and H.Q. Northern Army.

1959-60 Consulting Surgeon to HQ of the Middle East Land Forces in Cyprus

1960-67 he was Director General of Royal Australian Army Medical Services in which role he visited the troops in Vietnam and even performed surgery on the wounded. This period also saw him in the role as Honorary Surgeon to Her Majesty the Queen.

Ministry of Defence (Army) B.A.O.R. 1968-71

Note: FRCS; England 1949 (Fellow Royal College Surgeon’s)

FRACS; 1961 (Fellow Royal Australian College Surgeon’s)

FRACMA; (Fellow Royal Australian College Medical Administrator’s)

Comes with original portrait painting (see above) along with a large quantity of original paperwork and documents. Unfortunately, the family had no interest in claiming his Vietnam service medals or ADM making the group complete as issued. Very rarely does an Australian Generals medals appear on the market.

Good VF $5450


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Eight: OBE (Military), British War Medal, Victory Medal, 1939/45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal and War Medal. British War and Victory Medal correctly impressed 4734 PTE P. S. KEEN 15-LOND. All other medals un-named as issued.

WW1 Service

Phillip Sydney Keen enlisted in the Civil Service Rifles 15th London Regiment as a private number 4373 (later 531823) on the 16th August 1915

Ireland; May 1916

France; June - November 1916

Wounded in action left knee 12th August 1916

Salonika/Macedonia; December 1916 – June 1917

Egypt; June - July 1917

Palestine; July – October 1917

Belgium; November 1917 – March 1919

During this time Phillip Keen is commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on the 8th March 1918 serving with the 3/13 London Regiment (Kensington’s) and then with the 1 /2 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

France; March – October 1919 during this time he served with the 3/16 London Regiment (Queens Westrs)

Due to his fluent Italian in-between the war he was employed by the government as a translator in the Italian section clearing offices.

WW2 Service

Resigned for the Second World War on the 24th of June 1940 and appointed a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the Devon Regiment.

Posted to the 7th Battalion D. C. L. I. (later the 30th Bn) in October 1940 and shortly after promoted to Lieutenant.

20th April 1942 promoted to the position of Battalion adjutant as an Acting Captain departing overseas with the 1st Army in December 1942

Made temporary Major and appointed Camp Commandant of Allied Forces Headquarters Battalion 28th October 1943

M.B.E. London Gazette 1st January 1944

Temporary L/Colonel 15th September1945

Disembarked UK 19th January 1947

Fantastic group spanning both World Wars showing Phillip Keen enlisting as a private in the Infantry and ending up a Lieutenant Colonel.

Note: All medals are confirmed on paperwork

VF $1250



Four: MBE, Defence Medal, GSM clasps Palestine 1945-48, Cyprus, Arabian Peninusla  4003634 AC1 CJ Domoney RAF, RAF LSGC 4003634 SGT CJ Domoney RAF.


Note: Comes with a quality Commander in Chief’s Commendation, Various photos, Apprentices Certificate, RAF Notice Paper, RAF Education Certificate. Warrant Document and Sewing kit with hat badge



Good VF $900


Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class (A.R.R.C.), G.V.R., silver and enamel, on lady’s bow riband, in Garrard, London, case of issue, 

 Good very fine $395



Single: United States Bronze Star correctly named to Charles H Brown in box of issue along with the Secretary of the Army’s award card.

A period Newspaper clipping gives an insight into Charles’s service and award

“At the time, Mr Brown was a Technician Fourth Grade, assigned to duty with the 101st Coast Artillery Battalion (AA).

Technician Brown performed meritorious service from September to November, 1942. The citation accompanying the medal said, “He volunteered to help build the important road from Port Moresby to Ioribaiwa. This road, constructed over a very treacherous jungle mountain range, speeded up supply of the Australian Army. Technician Brown’s initiative and devotion to duty made an important contribution to the successful defense of Port Moresby.”

Antiaircraft played an important role in the Papuan Campaign. Its units were among the most forward elements and in their activity in Northern New Guinea they were involved in an operation that enveloped the enemy’s rear. The campaign was marked by close cooperation and coordination between the American and Australian Anti-Aircraft units. All American Anti=Aircraft units participating in the Papuan Campaign received the Presidential Unit Citation.

A cut of the article accompanies the medal and is framed along with the Secretary of the Army’s award card.

Good very fine $475


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The remarkable Anglo-American group of six awarded to Lieutenant-Colonel R. H. Griffiths, United States Army, late U.S. Volunteer Infantry and Philippines Constabulary, and Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment and the Royal Scots, who was killed in action as a U.S. Battalion C.O. in April 1918

United States of America, Philippine Insurrection Medal 1899, officially numbered ‘23344’, wrap-round brooch suspension, in its original numbered card box of issue, with old ink inscriptions inside, including ‘1st Sergt. 37 U.S. Inf. Vols., Richard H. Griffiths, 1899’

United States of America, Spanish War Service Medal, officially numbered ‘17531’, in its original numbered card box of issue, brooch-pin for wearing

United States of America, Philippine Congressional Medal 1899, officially numbered ‘4456’, with wrap round brooch suspension, in its original numbered card box of issue, with old ink inscription inside, ‘The President McKinley Congressional Medal, Philippines Insurrection, 1899, Richard H. Griffiths, First Sergt., 37th U.S. Inf. Vol.’

Great Britain, 1914-15 Star (Major R. H. Griffiths, Notts. & Derby. R.), in its original named card box of issue, with old ink inscriptions, including ‘Dardanelles Medal (Star), Major R. H. Griffiths (Mrs. Griffiths)’

Great Britain, British War Medal 1914-20 (Major R. H. Griffiths), in its original named card box of issue, with old ink inscription as before but ‘British War Medal 1914-1918’

United States of America, Victory Medal, slide-on clasp, Defensive Sector, with wrap round brooch suspension, in its original card box of issue, with old ink inscriptions to lid and base, ‘Victory Medal 779379 issued to Mrs. Anne M. Griffiths, widow of Lieut. Col. Richard H. Griffiths, U.S. Infantry, 12.1.21’ and ‘Given by Geo. C. Marshall, Major, 1920, in person’

United States of America, Spanish War Veterans Badge 1898-1902, bronze, with ornate bar and eagle suspension, with numbered lid of original box of issue ‘14713’ and old ink inscription, ‘Spanish Am. War Veterans Badge, U.S.W.V.’

United States of America, Philippine Campaign Veterans Badge 1898-1899, bronze, with enamelled ‘8’ to centre and ‘U.S.V.’ suspension bar and eagle above

United States of America, Purple Heart Lapel Badge, gilt and enamel, the reverse inscribed, ‘A. M. G.’, 

Richard Henry Griffiths was born in Derbyshire in February 1873, his family emigrating to the United States of America whilst he was still a youngster.

On the declaration of war with Spain in April 1898, he joined the Tennessee National Guard, and in November was embarked for the Philippines, as a Sergeant in Company ‘M’ of the 1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. Quickly witnessing action at San Juan del Monte and the capture of the water works at Luzon, he was also present at the capture of Iloilo and Paney and in various other skirmishes.

Advanced to 1st Sergeant in Company ‘A’ of the 37th U.S. Volunteer Infantry in July 1899, Griffiths saw action at Columba, Santo Tomas, Aluminos, San Diego and elsewhere, including the capture of a wagon train, while in the following year he participated in General Schwann’s expedition through Southern Luzon, and in General Hill’s expedition to Polillo and Infanta, being recommended for a certificate of merit for gallantry displayed on 28 February 1900. Returning to the U.S.A. on the cessation of the main hostilities, he passed the examination for a 2nd Lieutenancy, but did not take up the appointment and instead, after a short period out of uniform, re-enlisted in the U.S. Army Engineers as a Private 2nd Class, in which capacity he returned to the Philippines where, in October 1901, he transferred to the local Constabulary with a commission as a Lieutenant.

Griffiths subsequently attained the rank of Major and, with the advent of hostilities in Europe in August 1914, sailed for London to offer his services. Duly commissioned in the Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment in March 1915, he was advanced to the temporary rank of Major that September and seconded to command, and evacuate from Gallipoli, the badly mauled 1/5th Battalion of the Royal Scots, who had suffered heavy casualties since the landings in April. This duty done, and after a period of re-mustering in Egypt, he was embarked with the Battalion for France in March 1916, where he remained in command until relieved. Reverting to the rank of Captain, he then re-joined the 2nd Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters and was severely wounded in the Ypres Salient in June 1916, losing part of his shoulder blade.

Returning to duty out in France in February 1917, Griffiths resigned his commission that November, when he accepted a Majority in the United States Army and was posted to the 18th U.S. Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, which was occupying positions north-west of Toul. Subsequently commended for his ‘cool calm and efficiency in the trying days of January and February 1918’, he was advanced to Lieutenant-Colonel and given command of the 3rd Battalion, 18th Regiment. About this time, a New York Times correspondent wrote:

‘When his command was going into the line, Lieutenant-Colonel Griffiths sat astride his horse at a crossroads over which German shrapnel was bursting heavily, and was unconcerned as if a thousand miles away from the war. He spoke to his men sharply, but in a low voice, telling them not to forget who the enemy was, what he had done, and to punish him. He had been a constant visitor in the trenches and shell-holes held by his troops, taking long chances to get to all of them, making sure that they were getting everything they wanted and were well cared for.’

Griffiths was killed in action during the final days of April 1918, near Villers-Turnelle, when a German high-explosive shell landed in front of his dugout just as he had emerged.

A correspondent overheard a group of men discussing their Colonel earlier that day: “There’s the old man, and believe me, if you are looking for a soldier and a gentleman, there he is. Every man in this outfit would go straight through Hell if Griffiths gave the order to march.”

A Corporal was killed by the same shell and a number of others were wounded, the Corporal falling across his Colonel’s body. They were buried nearby.

As verified by the recipient’s MIC entry, he was never issued with the Victory Medal by the British authorities, the relevant column being endorsed: ‘Transferred to American Army. To be administered by Washington, U.S.A.’; in so far as his earlier American awards are concerned, his Philippine Congressional Medal was sent to him on 30 July 1910 (Medal No. 4456), and his Philippine and Spanish War campaign issued to his widow on 18 November 1926, the respective Serial Numbers differing to those on the above described awards.

Sold with original British Consulate (Paris) passports for both Griffiths and his wife, with portrait photographs, issued in November 1917 and July 1915 respectively; together with a file of research, including copied application forms for the American awards.


Ex. Hal Giblin Collection, Christies 10 November 1992, lot 322.


Generally good very fine and most probably unique $4750


Single: Maharajpoor Star 1843 Private James Fincher HM 16th Lancers.


Enlisted Dorchester 6th March 1837 in the 16th Lancers, Regimental number 1651 at the age of 23


British Army Index of 1841 records Private Fincher service number 1234 with the 16th Dragoons, Meerut


British Army Index of 1851 records Private Fincher service number 1234/1615 with the 3rd (The Kings Own) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, Wazirabad, Pakistan.


Medically discharged unfit in 1857 from the 15th Hussars due to illnesses “originating in the service and caused by long military service, as a Cavalry Soldier.” Total of 14 years and 11 months overseas service in Bengal, Bangalore and East Indies. Pension drawn from London Comes with service docs.


Near VF $1285



Single: Punjab Medal with clasps “Goojerat”, “Chilianwala”. Correct period naming to JOHN BRODIE 61ST FOOT.

61st Foot (South Gloucestershire) Foot saw action at the Battle of Ramnagar (November 1848), Battles of Saddalupar and Chillanwala (December 1848-January 1849) and the Battle of Guirat (February 1849);

 contact wear Gd F $685


Single : SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL1853 impressed : LIEUT. H.J.N. KING 6th REGT wounded in action 9.6.1851.

A superb medal to an easy to research Officer thanks to his triple initial. The State of Victoria Gazette of Jan 29 1869 under "POST OFFICE" then "BALLARAT" shows him taken on strength of the Victorian Government in 1853 - the year before EUREKA.

Numerous newspaper reports show the demise of King for embezzlement of the Ballarat Post Office in 1869. There is much more research that can be done on this Officer and it would be interesting to learn if he played any part in the EUREKA uprising due to the probable central meeting place of the Ballarat Post Office and his loyalty to the Army.


Good VF $4750


SOUTH AFRICA 1853 (Corpl. J. Bunting, 2nd 60th Rifles), China 1857-60, 2 clasps, Taku Forts 1860, Pekin 1860 (Cr. Serjt. Josh. Bunting, 2nd Bn. 60th Rl. Rifles) officially impressed naming, 

Joseph Bunting was born in the parish of Great Linford, near the town of Newport Pagnell. He originally enlisted into the Royal Marines 7 December 1842. He transferred into the 2/60th Rifles 1 July 1843 – indicating he was previously a sailor. With the Regiment he saw service during the third Kaffir war (medal verified on roll) before being promoted up the ranks to Colour Sergeant. During the later stages of the China campaign, he saw action at Taku Forts and Pekin in 1860 (medal verified on roll). This is Joseph Bunting’s full entitlement, no LSGC medal due to 13 entries in the Regimental defaulter’s book and two Court Martial’s by the end of his 21 years of service. The fact that he did not receive a LSGC yet still made it to the rank of Colour Sergeant suggests a good strong soldiers.

Contact marks, good, very fine $2250


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China 1857-60, 1 clasp, Canton 1857, unnamed as issued, 

Nearly extremely fine SOLD

PairCorporal A. J. Sharp, Royal Monmouthshire Engineers, late Royal Artillery. India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Hazara 1888 (32595 Gunr., No. 2 By. 1st Bde. Sc. Dn. R.A.); Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 5 clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 (2970 Corpl., Rl. Engineers)


Note: Alfred James Sharp was born in Millbrook, Southampton. He joined the Royal Artillery on 6 July 1882, aged 19 years. He initially served in the 1st Brigade Scottish Division R.A., which later became Mountain Artillery. Served in India, September 1883-February 1890 and took part in the Black Mountain Expedition 1888. Sharp was transferred to the Army Reserve in February 1890 and discharged on 5 July 1894. His intended place of residence being given as King Street, Brynmawr. He later joined the Royal Monmouthshire Engineers Militia and served with them in the Second Boer War. With copied R.A. service papers and roll extracts on paper and C.D.


Contact marks, nearly very fine $985


Pair: India General Service 1854-95, one clasp “Hazara 1888” correct script engraving to 809 Pte D.Turner 2nd Bn. North'd Fus. and Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, four clasps, “Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal & South Africa 1901” correctly impressed 809 Pte D.Turner, North'd: Fus

VF - EF $985

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Single: India General Service 1854-95, 2 clasps, Burma 1885-7, Burma 1887-89, clasp carriage altered to accommodate additional clasp (827 Lce. Corpl. W. Say. 2nd. Bn. R.W. Surr. R.) 

Edge nicks, nearly very fine $525



Single: India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Burma 1887-89 (1664 Pte. J White 2nd. Bn. S. Wales Bord) 

Good very fine $495


Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL1854 One Clasp; "Burma 1885-7". 2373 Pte. J. Wilson. 1st Bn. Pl. Welsh. Fus.

EF $425

Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1854 One clasp: "Burma 1885-7" 1622 Pte D.McEwen. 2nd Bn. R.Scot. Fus.

 Good VF $450

Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL1854 One Clasp; "Burma 1887-9". 1105 Cpl. F. Lee. 1st Bn. Ches. Rgt.

VF $525


Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1854-95, one clasp "Jowaki 1877-8" impressed naming to 1521 GUNNER C. VERNEY. 13/9th R.A.

Note: Ex Trevor Bushell Taylor Collection.


Scuff marks, otherwise good VF $625

Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1854 One Clasp: "Burma 1887- 89". 2812 Corpl.P. Reilly. 2nd.Chesh.Rgt.

 Good VF $525

Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL1854 One Clasp; "Burma 1889-92". 342 Serjt. T. Wilkins 2nd Bn Devon RGT.

Gd VF $525


Single: India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, “WAZIRISTAN 1894-5” to 2804 Pte. T. Glendinning, 2nd Bn. Border Regt.

VF $625

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SINGLE: India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, ” Jowaki 1877-8” correct period naming to 2725 Pte. Joseph Cook, 51st Foot

VF $675

Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL1854 One Clasp; "Hazara 1891" 1722 Pte. E. Williams. 1st Bn R. Welsh Fus.

Gd VF $585

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Single: India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Burma 1885-7 (1054 Pte. J. Maisy 2d. Bn. L’pool R.)


Note: J. Maisy is listed as ‘dead’ on the medal roll. Sold with copied medal roll extract (medal issued to ‘Thomas Maisy, Bluebury, Berkshire’)


Light Scratches to Queens neck VF $525


Single: India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Burma 1885-7 (890 Pte. W. Fell 2d. Bn. L’pool R.)

Minor edge nicks, nearly extremely fine $485


PairPrivate J. Hughes, 63rd Regiment Crimea 1854-56, 4 clasps, Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol (63rd Regt.) officially impressed naming; Turkish Crimea 1855, Sardinian issue, unnamed, pierced with ring suspension.

James Hughes was born in Lancaster. A Shoemaker by occupation, he enlisted on 1 July 1852. Died at Scutari on 31 January 1855. With some copied roll extracts.

Good very fine SOLD



Single: Crimea 1854-56, 4 clasps, "Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann and Sebastopol" officially impressed to Jas. Binns, Rifle Bde.

3415 Private James Binns joined the Rifle Brigade at Portsmouth on 20 February 1854, aged 17 years. Soon on active service, he went with the regiment to the Crimea, landing at Eupatoria on 14 September 1854. He was in action at Alma, 20 September 1854; served in trenches before Sebastopol; saw action at Balaklava, 25 October 1854; fought at Inkermann, 5 November 1854 - his rifle being hit and broken by grape shot; took part in a night attack on 20 November 1854 - and received a minor wound to his lip by a spent ball; then took part in the taking of the Quarries and the storming of the Redan. Further service followed in India and the suppression of the Indian Mutiny and then in the Cape Province.

His military service is recorded in ‘Short Account of the Experiences of James Binns (late of the Rifle Brigade)'. With photocopies of the six pages of this short account. This is an extremely interesting soldier's account of many key events he was involved in. Amongst them include being present at the storming of the "Rifle Pits" before Sebastopol when Lt. Cunninghame and Bounchier won their VC's and even when General Catheart fell from his horse shot dead.

Please feel free to request a copy of account as it is well worth the read.


Contact marks, nearly VF SOLD

Single : CRIMEA MEDAL1854 no clasp officially impressed Edwd.Cox 7th Regt.

Good VF $575


Single: Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-58 one clasp "LUCKNOW" impressed to W. STEPHEN 42ND RL HIGHLANDERS

Note: roll confirms 3539 William Stephen died 24th June 1858



Near EF $985 

Single : CHINA WAR MEDAL 1857-1860 single clasp "Canton 1857" impressed to THOS FISHWICK 59TH REGT

Provenance : This medal is ex the estate of George Tancred the author of "The Historical Record of Medals and Honorary Distinctions" 1891. (George Tancred changed his name from George Cleghorn)

 VF $925

 Single : CHINA WAR MEDAL 1857-60 two clasps "Canton 1857, Taku Forts 1858". Unnamed as issued.

minor edge bruising VF SOLD


Single: Abyssinia 1867 correct raised naming to 234 SERGT. P. GILLIGAN 26TH REGT

Contact marks in central disc, otherwise good very fine $950


Single: Abyssinia 1867 (R. G. Slade Carprs. Crew H.M.S. Dryad

Jeweller cleaned good very fine $985



Single: Abyssinia 1867 (757 A. Jones H.M. 45th Regt.

Jeweller cleaned very fine $950


 Single : AFGHANISTAN MEDAL1878 two clasps "Charasia, Kabul" engraved 4560 Dvr.J.Minahan, L/5 R.A.

EF $825

 Single : AFGHANISTAN MEDAL1878 no clasp. 1304 Pte S. Jones, 2/15th Foot

Edge bruising VF $450


Single: Afghanistan medal 1878-80 one clasp "PEIWAR KOTAL" correctly named to 990 PTE J. WILTON 2/8TH REGT.

Note: Roll states " DEAD 26/7/81" 2nd Bn Liverpool Regiment.



VF $645 


Single: Afghanistan 1878-80, 2 clasps, Charasia, Kabul (40. B/642. Pte. G. Stevens, 67th Foot) 


Sold with a copied medal roll for the 67th Foot.


Good very fine $985

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Single: Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880 un-named as issued


Good VF $525



Pair: Afghanistan 1878-80, 2 clasps, Ahmed Khel, Kandahar (1263 Pte. G. Blackmore, 2/60th Foot); Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880 (1263 Private Geo: Blackmore 2/60 Foot) 


George Blackmore was born in Lambeth, south London, and enlisted for 12 years service with the 60th Rifles, and was posted to the 3rd Battalion at Winchester. In October 1877 he was transferred to the 2nd Battalion, then in India, and the following day embarked with a draft for the Service Companies of the 2/60th. He served with this battalion in the Second Afghan War, in the punitive campaign against the Marri tribe of Baluchistan in 1880, and finally in the First Boer War in 1881. Blackmore was posted to the Army Reserve in February 1883, having completed his service with the Colours but, in October 1888, shortly before the expiration of his service in the Reserve, he enlisted in Section D (the second division) of the Army Reserve and served until 15 November 1892, when he took his final discharge at Winchester. Sold with copied discharge papers and other copied research.


Light pitting from star, otherwise nearly very fine $1650


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Single: Afghanistan 1878-80, 1 clasp, Ahmed Khel (924 Pte. H. Thackeray, 59th. Foot.) 


Edge bruising, nearly very fine $550


Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, dated reverse, 5 clasps, Tel-El-Kebir, Suakin 1884, El-Teb-Tamaai, The Nile 1884-85, Kirbekan (1032 Pte. J. Totten, 1/R. Hrs.)


Note: With copied roll extracts confirming clasps.


Good very fine $2750

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Three: Able Seaman H. Cooper, Royal Navy

Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Suakin 1885 (H. Cooper, Ord. H.M.S. Humber); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., V.R., narrow suspension (Henry Cooper, A.B., H.M.S. Alexandra); Khedive’s Star 1884-6, unnamed as issued.


Approximately 100 clasps issued to men from H.M.S. Humber forming part of the Naval Brigade.


Pitting overall, therefore nearly very fine $785



Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Suakin 1885 (2496. Pte. Sterry. 19th Husrs.)

Pitting, nearly very fine $525

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Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, dated reverse, 2 clasps, Suakin 1884, El-Teb_Tamaai (3035. Pte. F. Carter. 19th H...sars.)

Pitting polished out good  fine $625


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Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, The Nile 1884-85 (2499. Pte. W. Smith. 19th Husrs.)

Contact marks, therefore nearly very fine $575


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Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Suakin 1885 correctly named to J. TERRY A.B. H.M.S. TOURMALINE

Note: 60634 Petty Officer First Class Joseph Terry, born Brixham, Devon, September 1854; joined the Royal Navy as Boy second Class, January 1871; advanced Ordinary Seaman, December 1877; transferred to H.M.S. Tourmaline, September 1880; H.M.S Duke of Wellington , September 1882; H.M.S. Excellent, February 1883; H.M.S. Condon, December 1883; promoted Petty Officer Second Class, July 1887; transferred to H.M.S. Excellent , September 1887; promoted Petty Officer First Class, June 1888; shore pensioned, January 1893.

Ex Spink April 2016 sale

Pitting from star, minor edge bruise nearly very fine $425




Single: EGYPT MEDAL 1882-89, (undated reverse) one clasp "Gemaizah 1888" correct period engraved naming to 3054. Pte W. Handcock. 2/K.O. Sco: Bord.

Note: Ex Trevor Bushell Taylor Collection.


Contact marks, otherwise VF $645


Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Suakin 1885 correct period naming to 2580. Pte. T. Pritchard. 19th Husrs.

Contact marks, nearly very fine $485



Single: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, The Nile 1884-85 correct period naming to 2493, Pte. J. Gillie. 19th Husrs.

Cleaned, very fine $575


Pair: Carpenter’s Crew T. H. Collins, Royal Navy

Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, dated reverse, no clasp (T. H. Collins. Carps. Crew. H.M.S. “Ruby”.); Khedive’s Star 1882, unnamed as issued, 

Pitting from star, nearly very fine $450



Pair: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Gemaizah 1888 correctly named to 2323 Pte B. Hirst 2/K.O.S.B.; Khedive’s Star, undated, unnamed.

Very fine $825


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Single: India General Service 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (3746 Pte. W. Brown 2d. Bn. Arg: & Suth’d Highrs.) 

Light scratches, very fine $465



Single: India General Service 1895-1902, 2 clasps, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (4108 Dvr. W. D. O’Brien 3rd. Fd. By. R.A.) 

Minor edge bruise, very fine $495



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Single: India General Service 1895-1902, 2 clasps, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (71835 Dvr. J. Argyle 51st. Fd. By. R.A.) 

Edge bruising and contact marks, scratch to obverse field, nearly very fine $495



Single : INDIA GENERAL SERVICE 1895 - 1902, 1 clasp, Relief of Chitral 1895, period running script to 3636 Pte J. Milne, 1st Bn. E. Lanc. Reg’t

GD VF $525


Single: India General Service 1895-1902, 2 clasps, “Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98” 97147 Bombr W. Hackworthy No 1 Mtn Bg RA.

Good VF $475

Single : INDIA GENERAL SERVICE 1895 - 1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 period running script to 3734 Pte A. Cameron, 2d Bn. Arg. & Suth'd. Highrs.

With copied roll extract on which he is listed as "Deceased"

GD VF $575




Single: India General Service 1895-1902, 2 clasps, “Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98” 4667 Pte. G. A. Short 2nd. Bn. Derby Regt.” 

Good VF $525




Three: Private A. Amey, Royal West Surrey Regiment India General Service 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (3153 Pte. A.Amey 1st. Bn. Ryl. W. Surr: Regt.); Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 5 clasps, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laing’s Nek (3153 Pte. A. Amey, Rl. Wt. Surrey Regt.); King’s South Africa 1901-02, 2 clasps, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 (3153 Pte. A. Amey. The Queen’s)

Nearly very fine $785

Single : EAST & WEST AFRICA MEDAL 1892 no clasp for M'wele 1895 - 6 un named as issued

Near EF $435






Pair: Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, five clasps, “Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 & Transvaal” correctly impressed 2809 3rd CL TPR W. McGILLICUDDY S.A.C. & South African Police Faithfull Service Medal impressed NC2146 (M) 1/C SERGEANT W. S. McGILLICUDDY

Note: The Transvaal clasp is a later attachment and not on his medal roll. Comes with nice period silver miniatures

GD VF $725


Single: Khedive’s Sudan 1910-21, 2nd issue, no clasp, unnamed. 

Good very fine $585




Four: Engine Room Artificer 1st Class G. Denyer, Royal Navy

1914-15 Star (M.3553 E.R.A.3, R.N.); British War and Victory Medals (M.3553 E.R.A.2, R.N.); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., 2nd issue (M.3553 E.R.A.1, H.M.S. Sandhurst)

Note: George Denyer was born in Chatham, Kent on 22 October 1889. A Boiler Maker by occupation, he entered the Royal Navy in September 1911. During the Great War he served on King George V, April-November 1914; Leander, November 1914-March 1915; Victory, April 1915-June 1917; and Wallington, variously during 1917-18. Awarded the Royal Navy L.S. & G.C. when serving on the fleet repair ship Sandhurst. With copied service paper.


VF $325  


Four: 1914/15 Star, British War, Victory Medal and L. S. G. C. Medal (GV) all correctly impressed to 799 DVR. P. CROSBY. R.F.A. (722971 on long service medal).

Note: Medal index confirms Peter Crosby’s medal entitlement with his embarkation date listed as the 1st October 1915 serving in the Royal Field Artillery. Also served under regimental number 697061.

In 1933 recipient was issued a second issue of first world war service medals due to his original set being lost in transit.

GD-VF S275


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Three: Private A. Sands, East Surrey Regiment 1914-15 Star (2019. Pte. A. Sands. E. Surr. R.); British War and Victory Medals (2019 Pte. A. Sands. E. Surr. R.)

Note: Arthur Sands attested for the East Surrey Regiment, and served with them during the Great War on the Western Front from 1 April 1915.


Good very fine $195



Three: British War medal, Victory medal and Territorial War Medal. Medals impressed to 2328 PTE F. WENHAM R.A.M.C.

Royal Army Medical Corps (Territorials) attested Maidstone 10th August 1914; served India 29th October 1914 to 17th May 1918; South Africa 18 May 1918 to 29 January 1919; demobilized 17 April 1919.

Note: Medal card shows Frank Wenham as serving as number 493235 as well.

VF $575



Three: 1914-15 Star (11784 Pte. J. Briggs. Shrops: L.I.); British War and Victory Medals (11784 Pte. J. Briggs. Shrops. L.I.)


Private J. Briggs, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry

GD VF$195



Pair: British war and Victory medal impressed to 43235 PTE W. S. ROWE. M.G.C.

Note: Further research is required but Rowe’s medal card shows that this is his full entitlement and that he discharged on the from the Machine Gun Corps

Near EF $100



Pair: British war and Victory medal impressed to 248434 PTE J. YOUNG. LABOUR CORPS

Note: Further research is required but Young’s medal card shows that this is his full entitlement and that he discharged on the from the Labour Corps

Near EF $70

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Pair: British War Medal and Victory Medal impressed to SE-26795 A. J. KEMPTER VET. CORPS

Note: Private Arthur J. Kempter’s BWM and VM is confirmed as his full entitlement for service with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps in WW1

GD VF $100



Pair: British war and Victory medal impressed to 42820 PTE A. W. G. MOUNT. M.G.C.

Note: Further research is required but Arthur William Gordon Mount’s medal card shows that this is his full entitlement and that he discharged 10th June 1919 from the Machine Gun Corps

Near EF $100


Four: Defence Medal, War Medal, GSM clasp Malaya & RAF LSGC 535339 F. SGT D OGDEN RAF. First two un-named as issued, last two correctly R.A.F. style engraving.



Good VF $285


Five: Defence Medal, War Medal, GSM Malaya & Cyprus, Korea pair 22773764 Pte GR Evans Welch (Cpl on GSM).


Very fine or better $990


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Eight: Defence Medal, War Medal, General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya 22847192 Sgt D G Bennett RAOC, Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Malay Peninsula 22847192 WO CL 2 D G Bennett RAOC, Long Service & Good Conduct Medal E2 Regular Army 22847192 WO CL 2 D G Bennett RAOC, Sultan of Oman Peace Medal and General Service Medal clasp Dhofar unnamed as issued, Sultan of Oman As-Samood Medal unnamed as issued.


The group is mounted court style as originally worn and comes with an original German ID pass, presumably used when serving with BAOR.


Note: The Sultan of Oman Medals were manufactured by Spink of London.


The medals were instituted by Sultan Qaboos bin Said in 1976 at the end of the Dhofar Rebellion which had begun in 1962 for service in Dhofar. As-Samood Medal (Midal al-Samood).


GVF - NEF $990


Pair: War Medal, GSM clasp Palestine 1945-48  14036295 Pte R J Catley RMP


VF $175

Family Group:

Three: 1914-15 Star (Pte. T. E. J. Johnson 87th Infantry); British War and bilingual Victory Medals (Cpl T. E. Johnson. 7th S.A.I.)

Corporal T. E. Johnson, South African Infantry

Pair: War Medal 1939-45; Africa Service Medal, both officially impressed ‘329223 T. G. Johnson’,

T. G. Johnson, South African Forces

Both Groups VF $250


Pair: War Medal and African Service Medal. Both medals correctly named to 80708 A. J. BEKKER


Note: Further research required

VF $75


Single: GSM clasp Palestine 1945-48 impressed to 14922340 SIGMN A. H. CLUTTERBUCK. R. SIGS.


Note: Comes with West Australian Newspaper cut out dated Monday March 11th 2002 detailing “Bert’s” life as a machinist. As a young man growing up in Bristol, he worked on a couple of the first Jet Aircraft, the Gloster Meteor and the Whittle prototype before joining the English Army in WW2. After returning from WW2 he worked for the Bristol Aeroplane Company on the classic Bristol two-litre car before migrating to Western Australia.

VF $175

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Single: GSM QE2 with bars Malaya, Arabian Peninsula, Brunei. Correctly named to 23734265 Spr D. O'Rahilly RE.


Denis was known as Paddy and Bulker seen here on the 410 troop webpage


and also here


Movements of 11 Sqn RE (including 410 Troop)


11 Squadron, 11 Field Squadron

Dates         Location           Higher Formation / Notes

1950.01          Hong Kong: Sek Kong. Formed by renumbering 50 Field Sqn, 24 Field Engineer Regiment

1951.05          Austria: Villach/Klagenfurt Independent

May 51: Renamed 11 Independent Field Squadron  

1953.12          England: Chatham  

1954.12          Malaya: Sungei Besi          

 Feb 50: Under command 50 Field Engineer Regiment          

Aug 55: Under command of 28 Brigade

1956.02          North Malaya: Kemayan, Pahang            410 Ind. Plant Troop attached

1956.08          Malaya: Butterworth            28 Brigade

May - Dec 60: Borneo       

1962.04          Malaya: Terendak Camp, Malacca           28 Brigade

Jul - Nov 62: North Borneo: Kota Belud           

 1963:           Sarawak         

 Dec 63 - Jun 64: Thailand (Op Crown and Post Crown)       

 Dec 65 - May 66: Thailand (Op Crown and Post Crown)       

 Aug 67 - Jan 68: Thailand (Op Crown and Post Crown)       

 1969           Reduced to cadre


Note: From the Collection of Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis U.S. Army Corps of Engineers





GSM Clasp Canal Zone 22541899 SIGM WAJ Griffin R Signals, AGS Clasp Kenya I.P. W Griffins, AGS Clasp Kenya 22541899 CPL WAJ Griffin R Sigs and the Sultan of Oman As-Samood Medal unnamed as issued..


Good VF $900



GSM clasp MALAYA 4195349  S.A.C. P.H.TYLER.  RAF. GSM 62 clasp DHOFAR C4195349  CPL P H  TYLER  RAF, RAF Long Service & Good Conduct with original box the medal is correctly impressed to; C4195349  SGT P H TYLER  RAF


VF $990



GSM 62 clasp DHOFAR, UN Cyprus, RAF LSGC ER11 to G1960022 Cpl A Harrison RAF. LSGC names as SGT. 

Near EF $750


GSM clasp Malaya 23281842 PTE E A A G STANDEN QUEENS.


Note: Ernest Arthur Alfred George Standen Died 2007


Good VF $165


Single: GSM (GV1) One Clasp; "PALESTINE 1945-48" 14468457 SJT. J. BROWN R. A.

Medal roll shows service with 339 MOV/Lt Bty RA

EF $165


Single: GSM (GV1) One Clasp; "PALESTINE 1945-48" A/CPL F. E. HAMILTON (1349898) RAF.

VF $165


Single: General Service Medal 1918-62 (EIIR), 1 clasp “Malaya” impressed to 22409281 CPL L. MELSOME R. A. M. C.

GD VF $165

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SINGLE; General Service Medal 1962-2007 clasp Malay Peninsula (23782257 L/Cpl/ J. S. Fish. RE.)

Comes in named card box of issue with original envelope addressed to ‘Mr. J. S. Fish, 5 Duckmanton Road, Duckmanton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire’.

extremely fine SOLD



Single: GSM (QE11) One Clasp; "MALAYA" 22979869 TPR. T. HOGAN. 11 H.

VF $200


Single: GSM (QE11) One Clasp; "CYPRUS" 2303751 PTE. J. SOUDEN. GORDONS.

Note: Autumn1955, 1st Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders was on leave in the United Kingdom. They were recalled with 48 hours’ notice and were the first British Army Unit since 1945 to fly out to an Emergency.

The Gordon’s two main aims were to improve security and to obtain information.
In November 1955 were widespread attacks throughout the island including the use of bombs and an official State of Emergency was declared

VF $235


Single: Gulf War Medal 1990 - 1991 correctly impressed to SG N I BADEA SP.MIL.CHR.100

Sg = Sergeant, N. I. Badea = Name, Sp. Mil. Chir. (Spital Militar Campanie) = Military Campaign Hospital, 100 = Unit designation=100th surgical military hospital.

Awarded to members of the 100th Romanian Surgical Military Hospital – who participated in the “GRANBY” operation lead by the British, as part of the Multinational Force in the Persian Gulf (The International Coalition against Iraq), In accordance with parliamentary approval, the hospital campaign no. 100, had a capacity of 100 beds, with a staff of 363 active military personnel. They had their own defensive force made up of Romanian Parachute troops. The hospital provided medical assistance to British troops engaged in humanitarian operations and missions (for war prisoners and civilians). This was the first time a nation from the former Soviet Bloc had fought alongside NATO. Rare unit.

Mounted as worn, VF $485