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Extremely scarce Serbian - Order of St. Sava - brilliant breast star for Grand Officer

2nd model, 1st type. Silver, gilded, with enamel, rear pin marked 0.925. Dimensions 85 x 81 mm, weight 65.45 g. This is the highest class of this order and expertly crafted by hand.


Very attractive appearance showing no enamel damage $1450


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This massive flag measuring 3.9 meters deep by 4.1 meters long is in incredible condition by still retaining full colour to both sides with only minor damage to the edge which does not affect any of the symbolism. The banners centre sports a large Prussian eagle within a shield on a large iron cross surmounted by a Royal crown and surrounded by the important symbol of Prussian Royalty being the collar chain and insignia of the Black Eagle Order. Each of the four corners display three eagles and a crown. Given the sheer size of this flag it would have undoubtedly been flown on a Battleship during Royal visits. 

Originally sold by Helmut Weitze in 2005 for 3500 Euro and described as “Personal Standard of Prussian Prince Heinrich von Preussen the younger brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Grand admiral of the German Fleet and used on board the Battleship Castle”.

A unique opportunity to own an extremely rare Prussian Royal Standard of immense size in such outstanding condition