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This massive flag measuring 3.9 meters deep by 4.1 meters long is in incredible condition by still retaining full colour to both sides with only minor damage to the edge which does not affect any of the symbolism. The banners centre sports a large Prussian eagle within a shield on a large iron cross surmounted by a Royal crown and surrounded by the important symbol of Prussian Royalty being the collar chain and insignia of the Black Eagle Order. Each of the four corners display three eagles and a crown. Given the sheer size of this flag it would have undoubtedly been flown on a Battleship during Royal visits. 

Originally sold by Helmut Weitze in 2005 for 3500 Euro and described as “Personal Standard of Prussian Prince Heinrich von Preussen the younger brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Grand admiral of the German Fleet and used on board the Battleship Castle”.

A unique opportunity to own an extremely rare Prussian Royal Standard of immense size in such outstanding condition



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An original “Old Bill” car mascot complete with the original stand attached to a period additional display stand. As a long time collector of “old Bill” I can assure you this is NOT one of the many reproductions that are about today. These are becoming quite scarce to the market.

Overall good condition $1250


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A 19th century gilt bronze model of the Napoleon Vendome Column, Paris. Officially titled the “Colonne de la Grande Armée” it was seen as the most important symbol of Paris during the 19th century and its complex history explains why.

In 1803 the First Consul confirmed the plan to erect a column in Vendôme equal to that of the Roman column of Trajan. The columns design was undertaken by Lepère and Gondoin, made from melting 1200 Austrian and Russian artillery pieces won in the recent campaigns. The inscription at the base reads: ‘Monument erected to the glory of Napoleon the Great’s Grande Armée, begun on 25 August 1806 and finished 15 August 1810’.

The column itself comprises of a stone core enrobed with 425 bronze plaques fixed to the stone with pins. Designed by Bergeret the 280 metre-long frieze (or plaques), wrap around the column depicting the major events of the recent campaign. The column begins at the camp in Boulogne and ends with the return of the Emperor and his guard in 1806. Sculptures such as Boizot, Bosio, Bartolini, Ramey, Rude, Corbet, Clodion and Ruxthiel were all commissioned to execute this frieze.

Initially the column was crowned with a statue by Chaudet of The Emperor in Roman dress but was taken down by the Allies in 1814 and replaced by a flag bearing the fleurs de lys. It was then under the July Monarchy a further replacement statue was made by Seurre showing Napoleon as the ‘Little Corporal’ (a statue today held in the Invalides). Eventually during the Second Empire, a copy of Chaudet’s initial statue designed by Dumont was hoisted to the top of the column to replace the unpopular “Little Corporal” by Seurre.

The column was targeted one final time and dismantled during the “Commune” under the direction of Gustave Courbet due to it being a symbol of militarism and imperialism. Then in 1873 it was finally re-erected and restored to its former glory with Courbet being ordered to pay the costs for this himself, which payment was received as Courbet died shortly after.

This stunning bronze manages to transfer the history, skill and pride all associated to the original column with its flawless attention to detail. A beautiful, well executed bronze period piece.

18 in. (46cm) high $3500



Photograph album containing 79 original WW2 period photos taken in Papua New Guinea. The Album was compiled together by Corporal Raymond George Ball, 6 AA Topographical Survey Coy and it is because of his association with the Topographical unit that the album has many rare and seldom seen photos. The majority of photos are labelled and are in a personalised album titled “NEW GUINEA” and initialled “R.G.B” all in gold up right capitals. This album is an extremely interesting insight into the New Guinea campaign.

The following are the captions in the album;

Jap Prisoners N.G., Hospital Ship ‘Manunda’, “Myoka Maru” Lae, Native Constructed Churches Lae N.G., Watut River, Labu Village, ‘Graveyard’ Nadzab N.G., Jap Foxhole, ‘Monkey’ Boy, Mary & Monkey Boys Lae, A.W.A.S. Barracks Lae, Jap Cemetery Lae, ‘Mount Nqaronera’ Nadzeb, Nadzeb Airstrip, Memorial Lae, ‘Myoka Maru’, Labu, Natives Lae, Victory Card By Doug Albion, Town Hall Brisbane, Roma Street Station Brisbane, P.T. School Burleigh Heads QLD, P.T. School Burleigh Heads QLD, Burleigh Heads QLD, ‘Reflections’ Lae N.G., ‘Sunset” Lae N.G.,

Airstrip Finschafen N.G. ’45, Bulolo River, Wau Valley N.G. ’45, Jap Prisoners, Picture Site Wewak N.G. ’45, Snake River Valley, Panorama Edie Creek N.G. ’45, North Coast N.G., ‘A’ Field Section Rabaul ’45, South Coast New Guinea, South Coast N.G. ’45, Relief Map of Langemak Bay Rabaul South, 

Series of Aerial photo’s

Owen Stanleys Vicinity of Bulldog p-38 Photo Ht 19,500’, Bulolo taken June ’41 Note: Goldfield, Bulolo River & Goldfield Note: Dredge, Floating Dredge on Bulolo River N.G. (photo by F.Pring Sydney), Boram Area 43, But Drome 43, Boram 22 Dec 43, Dagua Drome 43, Dagua 43, Dagua Drome 43, Dagua, Owen Stanley’s Vicinity of Wau Bulldog Road, Bombs in flight, Jap Air Strip Gasmata Note: Bombs & Bomb craters, Gasmata Air strip Note: Exploding bombs, Airphoto of Lae Note: Busu River, Salamaua Photo taken at 25,300’, Markham River 1 ¼ Miles wide, Airphoto of Rabaul Note: Jap Submarines, Wards Airstrip Moresby Area 1943, Air photo of Port Moresby Note: ‘Hanuabada’ native village, Port Moresby, Panorama of Wau Valley & Edie Creek Taken June ’43, Airphoto of WauTaken from 23,000’, Airphoto of Bulolo P38 Photo 1943, Panorama of Wau, Bombs in flight, Yarram 1942





A superb BRITISH ARMY ALBUM containing working music box with key circa 1890. Thick cushioned leather binding done in Germany despite being printed in England. The Album contains 12 Chromolithograph plates of famous battle scenes by Captain Bunnett. Over all very good condition with only a few tears to the insert and the glass cover for the music box having separated (but present). Leather covers present well.


Overall good condition $685




Fourteen Photos relating to S. SGT W. Day Balikpapan Borneo 1945 including photo of Blamey

Titles; Landing at Balikpapan  Borneo 1945,  Landing Balikpapan  Borneo 1945, Ships after landing troops at Balikpapan 1945,  Firing of mortars at Balikpapan Beach 1945, Blamey at Balikpapan 1945, Made Road at Balikpapan 1945, Pandansari residential area Balikpapan, Oil Refinery after bombing at Balikpapan 1945, Oil Refinery after bombing 1945 Balikpapan, Jap in sunk hole, Balikpapan Borneo 1945, Unexploded bombs at Balikpapan 1945, Rescued Civilian at Balikpapan 1945





Photo of a Royal Marine soldier wearing crossed rifles and the ribbon for the China 1900 Medal signed “Yours Affectionately, Charlie 7.7.09” taken at The Swiss Studios George St Sydney




H.M.A.S. “Cerberus” Westernport Victoria Christmas and New Year card. Signed “To Mr & Mrs Fitzhardinge with best wishes and affection, Margaret Crawford xx”




Greetings from H.M.A.S. “Stalwart” card. All kind thoughts at Christmas and Sincere good wishes for the coming year. Signed “Ben Baswood”





Three Christmas and New Years cards from WW1-WW2 period cruise line ships. P. & O.R.M.S. “Strathaird” (not filled out), P. & O.R.M.S. “Strathmore” (to the Jones family from Bill) & “Keep the Old Flag Flying” for Empire, King and Auld Lang Sync (from  Vetta Blake)





2/3rd Australian Infantry Battalion A.I.F.  25th Anniversary Remembrance Dinner  Invite and Menu 1964 at the Hilton, Potts Point. Guest of Honour Lieut-General Sir Iven Mackay K.B.E., C.M.G., D.S.O., V.D.  Signed by many ex-members.




10th (Hackney) London Regiment  Christmas and New Year card. Un-used




Australian United Services Institute Brisbane Christmas and New Year card. Dedication to Captain Patrick Logan of the 57th Foot Brisbane 1826. Un-used




57th Battalion A.I.F. “Strike Hard” Christmas 1918 and New Year 1919 card. Beautifully done with their battle honours in the scrolls. Signed “To May, from your loving Bro George”






Three complete Clothing Ration cards, Perth issued and dated 1948. Two cards relating to an Adult and the third to a child under 6 years of age. All three numbered with the two adult cards numbered in sequence. All Cards named to the Day family (initials W., E. &  S.).




Commonwealth of Australia blank application for Ration Tickets (Fuel).  Issued to all states and required by all Australian citizens to give vehicle details and apply through the postmaster for required amount of Fuel during the WW2 shortages. Rare to encounter a blank example to have survived




Railway Permit application 1918 dated and approved by the British Consulate (Port Said) for John Kyle to travel to Cairo. This document is signed by H.M. Consul and stamped (also dated) and is typical of documents required to be carried along with photo during WW1 for any railway travel.




WW2 Civilian Registration (British Subjects) Identity Card.  Dated 30th March 1942 and filled out in Glenelg to Grace Greene of South Australia. Comes protected in a specially made clear cover pocket holder.






27th New Zealand Battalion (2nd N.Z.E.F) Christmas 1945 and New Year 1946 card. Signed from “Jack Beckett (Kiwi). Hope to see you on return trip to Enzed”. Interestingly the card shows the crossed Machine Guns of the NZ Machine Gun Corps above the inside greeting.

Note: Jacks official details are 436607 PTE A. J. Beckett 27 N.Z. BN



AUSSIE, The Australian Soldiers Magazine Number 3 March 8, 1918. Printed in the field by the A.I.F. printing section.  Edited by Phillip L. Harris.

Seventeen pages full of “Digger” humour and stories supported by drawings and sketches to bring a smile to the A.I.F. soldier on the front line.





Selected Songs for use at Peace Celebrations 1919. Sands & McDougall Pty., Ltd., Printers, Perth

1. God Save The King, 2. Rule Britannia, 3. The Star-Spangled Banner, 4. The Marseillaise, 5. March of the Men of Harlech, 6. There’s a long, long trail, 7. The Minstrel Boy, 8. The Lad’s in Navy Blue, 9. Australia will be there, 10. Till the boys come home, 11. The Red, White and Blue, 12. Little Grey Home in the West, 13. The Old Brigade, 14. When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

Has a tear on the middle left side (going north/south) but it all still readable.



Rare 1930’s log book and photo of Edwin Willis of 20A Kingsley Hall East Melbourne.

Address of present employer: Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Coy 108 Flinders St Melbourne

Other than personal information his flight record covers two pages in the book with the last entry being 1937.

Note: The photo shows Edwin Willis wearing an unusual (non RAAF) winged “B” on his flight suit.




R.A.F. “Changi”  1946 Christmas and New Year card. Signed “To Mr & Mrs Hoare with very good wishes from Reg. E. Gordel”






R.A.A.F. Greetings from Group 623 British New Guinea  Christmas and New Year card 1944-45. Signed “To Mr & Mrs Adams from John”





Fifteen R.N.Z.A.F. envelopes produced and sold by the Canteen Board for airmen to purchase to write home with. Still will paper tag to hold bundle together intact and also marked R.N.Z.A.F.  with badge (Marked Canteen Board).




RAF Airwoman 2076781 LACW Vera Cecelia Fening’s Service and Release Book. Covers LACW Fening’s service from 9th February 1942 to 26th February 1946 and shows entitlement of a Defence Medal.




R.A.A.F. Service Police Handbook. H. E. Daw, Government Printer, Melbourne (February 1941).

Stamped and written inside belonging to A25968 F. J. Bellchambers. 72 pages outlining all rules and regulations including blank police incident report pages.




Extremely rare personal rank insignia for KAISER WILHELM 11 on an original pattern card with embossed gilt and colour cypher of the Emperor and Empress.

This insignia not only has the crown over the cypher but also the crossed batons signifying a Prussian General Field Marshal.

It is understood that this insignia was worn on the Field grey uniform of 1915 for the No.1 Regiment Konig-Jager (cavalry).


Extremely rare and in exceptional condition. $1685



Extremely rare personal rank insignia for KAISER WILHELM 11 on original pattern card with embossed gilt cypher of the Emperor and Empress.

This insignia not only has the crown over the cypher but also the crossed batons signifying a Prussian General Field Marshal.

It is understood that this insignia was worn on the Field grey uniform of 1915 and could be classed as a general pattern.


Extremely rare and in exceptional condition. $1585



 Original artwork from the well known book "Deeds That Thrilled The Empire". Artwork signed John F. Campbell deplicting Private J. W. Hughes Royal Fusilliers winning his DCM. Size displayed 13.5 inches by 19.25 inches. Originally purchased from London Stamp exchange over 25 years ago. These original works rarely come on the market.

 Very Good condition $1850



 Original artwork from the well known book "Deeds That Thrilled The Empire". Artwork signed A. Pearse deplicting Private T. G. Turrall 10th Bn. Worcestershire Rgt. winning his Victoria Cross at La Boiselle 3/7/1916. Size displayed 14.25 inches by 20.5 inches. Originally purchased from London Stamp exchange over 25 years ago. These original works rarely come on the market.

Very Good Condition $2250


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24 Personal Photographs of the Boer War on glass slides. No information is known of the photographer of this collection, but regardless of this, we are given a very rare insight into everyday life during the war.


As far as we know these photographs have not been published before and are in outstanding condition for their age with no damage and very clear images.



Near EF $1250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250


With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. $250






 A very rare collection of Ephemera including a portrait of Lieut. W. R. Finlayson M.C. 21 Bn AIF, 2 official papers relating to his discharge (3MD). A WW1 recommendation he had written for 6840 Pte. R. J. Knight (subsequently awarded), A 1918 officers photo signed by all 10 officers. 3 small portrait photos in uniform, plus a short but very interesting Diary in which he served with the 3rd Bushmans Contingent (Victorian) under Major Vialls (W.A.) of whom he speaks very highly. This is the first Boer War Diary to an Australian we have ever owned.

 Important note: Lieut Finlayson was one of the 133 soldiers reccommended for the Victoria Cross in the First World War




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 Photograph album containing 48 original WW1 photos taken in France. The Album undoubtedly has an Australian Artillery connection with one caption stating "Group NCO's OF 31st BTY". A SGT Major Erskine (8th FAB and also a Belgian Croix De Guerre winner) is also mentioned. Numerous photo's of Guns, Planes Tanks and various places (including Villers Bretonneux and Plug Street 1917). All photos are captioned circa 1917/18.




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Photograph album containing 23 original WW1 period photos belonging to an Australian Soldier named “Arch”. The Album cover is titled “Snapshots taken by Arch. On active service 1916”.

All photos are captioned in detail showing Australian soldiers and naming most of them. A few photos also cover several parts of the UK including the zoo whilst presumably on leave. A good researcher may be able to work out exactly who Arch is with the other names and clues given by the soldier throughout.

Good overall condition with captions and photos all being clear SOLD


 An extremely scarce pair of award documents awarded to " Matrosen - ober - Gefreiten  Johann Forster " for service on the famous German Raider  "HILFSKREUZER THOR" comprising of:

1. Award document for the qualification badge - KRIEGSABZEICHEN FUER HILFSKREUZER signed by the ships Captain and dated 6.Januar 1943.

2.Award document for the award of the " IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS" signed by the ships Captain and dated 24.Dez.1942

Of particular note, is that both these documents were produced in the German headquarters at Yokohama in Japan where the "THOR" was stationed.

The Australian connection to this ship is of great interest, as the Thor captured an Australian Liner the Nankin enroute to Bombay and opted to take her as a prize ship. Whilst tied up in Yokohama the Thor ,Nankin and two German ships were all destroyed together during a fuel resupply killing a dozen crew members of the Thor. The balance of the crew were killed on the way back to Germany when accidentally sunk by a German U boat.

There are many stories of interest (on the internet) on the Thor including a great article by a POW from the Australian Ship the Nankin on his time as a "German POW" in Japan.

We recently purchased this superb original example of an Auxiliary Cruisers badge, maker marked SCHWERN BERLIN and a mint Iron cross (second class) in its packet of issue and have included them with the Documents as we felt it would enhance a quality display.






With very heavy folds, moisture affected and aged as to be expected of maps carried in the line.

Very good - fine and scarce. SOLD



These two photo albums contain a mixture of over 250 photos of both Captain Moore & Captain Dixon. The albums were put together by their friend Eileen Ramsay and are all very detailed. They include;

1. The embarkation of the 38th Bn AIF from Melbourne on the HMAT Runic. in June 1916. This is a most comprehensive detail of all the Officers (HQ's and all Coy's) naming each individually. With various other identities on the ship including Lieut. Orchard (Geelong footballer) and various other officers who would later become KIA, commanding Officers and or highly decorated to name just a few.

2. General photos of the battalion on board the ship ie. "looking for submarines", boxing "Heavy weight Championship" and general drill

3. Several photos of a visit by General Monash with Major Story (later the C.O. of the 37th who was later controversially dismissed as a result of the mutiny) and Brigadier McNicol D.S.O. for example.

4. Hospital photos. Nurses and wounded (Named)

5. Two portrait photos of Australian Flying Corps pilots (signed), one of which is Will Dixon brother to Ernest, the other name is hard to read and needs further research. Also various plane photos and a group photo of the AFC pilots in 1918 (pictured left), most likely related to Will.

6. Numerous photos related to Captain Dixon a Jnr Officer D.S.O. and twice mentioned in despatches. The photos start in Perth in February 1915 including naval officers, HMAT Kyarra (twice torpedoed, although not his ship he travelled on), then in the Middle East with various officers and men (named), horses (named), Light Horse Warrent Officers, signalers, 8th Light Horse Sgt, Soldiers doing gas mask training, despatch riders, Turkish officers surrendering, too many to name. These photos cover the early stages of Captain Dixons service when he was part of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade Train A.A.S.C. hence his association with so many different units whilst working out of HQ. He was then made R.S.M. of 10th Light Horse and then transfered with a commission to the Camel Corp (15th L.H.). This is when the then Lt. Dixon wins a Gallant D.S.O defending the post that would later be known as "Dixons Post" for his command of the position when the Turks make a last ditch effort to re-take Beersheba.

Both "mixed" albums are extremely fascinating and have so many avenues to research.  As with the above two lots of photos, they are well documented, clear and represent a researchers dream. There are so many outstanding names that appear, that I have no doubt that many of these photos will eventually end up in publications.


 Single; Crimea medal one clasp "Alma". Officially Impressed to J. YOUNG 55th REGT. On the roll as wounded in Alma and subsequently died at Scutari in 1854.

Comes with a letter home of 4 pages of stop start writing, almost like a diary where he describes the arrival of the wounded from the Charge of the Light Brigade to Scutari. Also included is an official disbursement of his assets, An official letter regarding the medal plus an Official envelope addressed to his Sister in Easey Street Collingwood Melbourne Australia.

A choice Crimea to a casualty with extremely rare Ephemera and a bonus Australian connection.





Small EK at 6 o'clock otherwise EF SOLD



A Christmas Gift with Christmas Greetings to the Men of Canterbury, N. Z. Fighting for the Empire. From the Editor and Readers of “The Press” Christchurch, New Zealand Christmas 1915.





Souvenir Guide of South Australia’s Fighting Men of the A.I.F. The history, achievements and colors of the various units. Compiled for the citizens and business men’s committee by SGT-MJR H. H. Hannam late A.I.F.

100 pages packed with interesting and important information to do with South Australian’s in the war. An absolute must for any South Australian collector.



Ephemera rated to WX2063 Private Edward Donald Calvert 2/11th Australian Field Ambulance late Royal Engineers. Consisting of three original photographs, Australian WW2 discharge paper (showing 1200 days service outside Australia), three Australian issued soldiers pay books and Private Calvert’s Australian Record of Service book for WW2.





 An outstanding and scarce pair of photo Albums of Lt Alan "father" Crawford Couve and Lt Henry Thomas Ladson Couve both of  the 8th battalion AIF. There are 161 photos in total of which were sent home to their sister. All are captioned and record their story fighting the Turks before Gallipoli (this subject is seldom written about) and includes their last photos captioned "En route to Lemnos April 1915" and "Kit parade Lemnos" as Lt Alan Couve was tragically killed on the landing by sniper fire (DOW on the 26th), with his brother being killed only two weeks later.

There are too many 8th battalion names associated with these photos to mention them all, although all would be Gallipoli veterans, possibly decorated and KIA's. This collection really demands a lot of time and research but would no doubt be a "jewel in the crown" to an 8 Bn, Gallipoli or Victorian collector.

The regimental unit history "Cobbers in Khaki" states Lt. Alan Couve was reported to have encouraged his men during the initial fighting by shouting. "Don't worry about the shells, boys; while you can hear them they won't do you any harm; it's the shells you don't hear that will do the damage".

Included with the photos are as follows;

1. 1913 dated 3 MD military map by the then Lt. Col. Monash of the Lilydale & Yarraglen districts. The map is named to Lieut A. Couve F. Company Dandenong in pencil. There are a few locations marked "HQ, 10.2.14" and similar.

2. A beautiful poem about the very first troop departure out of Albany titled "The troopships of A.N.Z.A.C. (Oct.. - Dec. 1914.). The poem mentions the Emden action and is very well written by Eileen Ramsay nee Couve.

3. An official letter mentioning the above poem, Mr Couve Snr's soldier settlement property and goes on to mention that the Couve brothers were prominant footballers. Written by the Hon. Ken. Mackenzie Wright.

This is a very important and emotional collection






H.M.A.S. “Otway” Christmas and New Year card. Signed  from “Bert with love to all x”. Extremely Rare to see an Australian Submarine Christmas Card



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Rare diary for HMAS NIZAM. Covering the period from July 1941 to March 1943.

The diary entries go up to page 113 with multiple days being covered on most pages (due to its large size). Each page typically records the date (exact timings), the ship’s location or course, a summary of events, and many remarks or references to the day’s activities. Page one starts with the following; “Diary as from my joining the ship in Alexandria” (2nd July 1941). No name accompanies the diary.

The diaries pages vary greatly in the amount and level of detailed information it contains from day to day. Some days in the Middle East are very active compared to others. This is a historical record of the ship’s administration, operations, and activities, and was highly frowned upon in case it fell into enemy hands.

Example of an active day’s entry;

“Sunday 23rd

“0300 Left Alex. In/c with “Napier”, “Jackal”, “Kipling” + “Hasty” to do anti sub sweep in front of A.M.C. “Glenroy” + A/A Cruiser “Carlisle” . “Glenroy” loaded with tanks and troops for Tobruk. 1600 the two ships were attacked by torpedo bombers & “Glenroy” hit Aft. “Carlisle” took her in tow. We raced back at full speed & just before we reached scene we were attacked. Fierce barrage drove them off and they machine gunned the Jackal killing one man. Fish dropped at us but missed by a mile. Caught up with “Carlisle” + “Glenroy” + did A/S sweep around them.”

Due to the large amount of sensitive detail in this diary along with the educated manner in which it is written, one would assume this is written by a senior officer.

In conclusion, there can be no doubt that this “untouched” and “unpublished” diary is an extremely rare piece of Australian Naval history.

Great condition with all pages clear and eligible SOLD 

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AN OUTSTANDING WW2 LUFTWAFFE HONOUR GOBLET and GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Grouping awarded to Oberleutnant Ewald Giebler ( JU 88 ),

Comprising of the following;

1.     Honour Goblet by Alpaka correctly named.

2.     German Cross in Gold 4 rivet unmarked but probably by Deschler.

3.     Cloth version of the cross in Gold – not worn.

4.     Observers Badge by C. E. Juncker.

5.     Reconnaissance clasp in silver marked BSW.

6.     Iron Cross 1st Class slight convex unmarked.

7.     Black wound badge.

Also includes the following original documents and photos.

1.     Leistungsbuch confirming all awards and 169 flights.

2.     Soldbuch with countless entries and stamps. Showing wear.

3.     Award document for the wound badge dated 25 May 1941 (Crete).

4.     2 x Original photos in uniform

5.     Denazification certificate.

6.     Running sheet of awards and promotions.

7.     2 X general information sheets

What is interesting is his award sheet shows he received the cuff title “Kreta” on the 8th August 1943 which would relate to his wounding on the 25th May 1941. All items have come directly from the family in Western Australia and are guaranteed to have belonged to him.

Good overall condition SOLD



This nurses photo album contains 50 photos in total with various examples of the captions as follows;

Observation Balloon, Gully ravine Gallipoli, Sisters bathing, various Stationary Hopitals and Casualty Clearing Station names, Turkish Quarters, Wounded Tommies, Hospital ship (and other ships),Turkish trenches Egypt and more.

A very interesting nursing sisters album, who was obviously there from the beginning.