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Five: Distinguished Service Order G.V.R, 1914-15 Star, British War & Victory Medals MID (2), Croix de Guerre. T-Lieut. Colonel A. B. D. Brown 17th BN. & Provost Corp. AIF. Trio impressed. Star & Victory medal gilded which was often done by Officers.

DSO London Gazette 3.6.1918For services rendered in connection with Military Operations in France & Flanders”. Australian Gazette 7.11.1918.

C de G London Gazette 6.11.1918 Australian Gazette 4.3.1919.

MID Australian Gazette 29.6.1917 & 24.10. 1918

Only 2 DSOs awarded to the Provost Corp. AIF.

Comes with a large quantity of research. Nice to see the C de G is recorded

No enamel chips to DSO Gd VF $13,500


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Seven: Military Medal G.VI.R (correctly impressed with Replacement in brackets), 29-45, Africa with Eighth Army clasp & Pacific Stars (all with small impressing), Defence. War & ASM (all impressed). SX8099 R. W. Langsford, Sgt Aust. Corp of Sigs.

MM promulgated London Gazette 14.10.43 and presented to his mother at Government House, Adelaide on 15.2.46.

“Courage & unceasing devotion ALAMEIN Oct 42 to Jan 43 “.

Records indicate the campaign medals were issued to his brother 18.2.53. It is understood his replacement MM was issued as a result of the devastating “Black Sunday Fires” in South Australia which occurred on the 2.1.1955.

He also received a commendation card in the Middle East.

The following passage was taken from TROVE:

During the whole of operations at El Alamein. says his citation, Langsford was noticeable for his devotion to duty, complete disregard for personal safety and intelligent handling of his cable detachment. As a result of his careful reconnaissance and excellent appreciation and the problems concerning the maintenance of lines under his control. communications by line were maintained despite heavy shellfire and continuous tank movements. During the Western Desert operations. This Corporal gave service of a conspicuously high order and accomplished all the tasks allotted to him despite the great difficulties which were encountered on many occasions.

Unfortunately, Sergeant R. W. Langsford MM died in a tragic fall during his hospitalisation in June 1944 and is buried in Adelaide South Australia.

VF $7500


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Nine: 1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Pacific Star (all small impressed) Defence Medal; British War Medal 1939-45; Australia Service Medal; United Nations Korea (all four impressed) Efficiency Decoration (GRI); Greek War Medal 1940-41; VX160 G.F. Sell. ED engraved; last medal unnamed. Lt. Col. 2/5th BN AIF.

Together with: BCOF Medal named impressed to G.E. Sell. And with extensive research and official histories extracts relating to Colonel G.E. Sell's service in 2/5 Bn. and BCOF. Regimental number on WW2 VX160 Korea SX 700037 & VX160 on Decoration. Comes with research showing numerous photos and entries in Official History “To Benghazi” plus 2/5th History.

Served Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Greece & Syria (NOTED AS A CASUALTY). Went on to serve in BECOF. A very easily researchable group.

VF $2450


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Three: British Korea with MID (officially impressed), UN Korea & Coronation medals (both engraved) A2859 R. C. Glover RAAF.

Department of Defence letter states: enlisted December 1944 and discharged 9 January 1957 confirming the 3 medals. 77 Sqn RAAF.

MID London Gazette 30.05.52, Australian Gazette 5.06.52 “Untiring efforts, personal example & willingness for duty at any hour in Korea.”.

On Coronation Roll plus 50-year commemoration & S Korea medals (both engraved). He was an official RAAF Coronation Contingent member.

George tended to engrave unnamed medals such as Coronation and UN Korea. It is believed a number of the UN medals were originally issued unnamed.

VF $1650


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Pair: British Korea with MID (impressed) & UN Korea (engraved) A22325 B. F. White Leading Aircraftsman RAAF 77Sqn.

MID London Gazette 19. 01.54, Australian Gazette 21.01.54 “Personal example and devotion to duty”,

Comes with 50-year commemoration & S Korea medals (both engraved) & Korean citation.

George tended to engrave unnamed medals such as UN Korea. It is believed a number of the UN medals were originally issued unnamed. With Defence letter confirming awards.


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Three: British Korea & UN Korea (both impressed Coronation medal 1953 (engraved) Commander B. M. Ziegler RAN.

Born NSW in 1920. Enlisted in RAN (23188) on the 13 May 1939. Served WW2 on HMAS Nestor, Norman, Nizam & Shropshire. Commissioned July 1951 (91319). Korean War served on the HMAS SYDNEY for its first tour 1951-52. On roll for Sydney Coronation tour and Malaysian Confrontation 1962 before retiring in 1970 with the rank of Commander General Engineer and Mechanician.

Comes with 50-year commemoration & S Korea medals (both engraved) George tended to engrave unnamed medals such as unnamed Coronation medals.

VF $825


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Pair: British Korea & UN Korea both correctly named R37022 W. J. Denness RAN.

Born North Fremantle 1931 serving with the RAN in Korea from the 31st of August 1951 to the 22nd February 1952. Holding the rank Stoker Mechanic aboard HMAS Sydney.

Comes with original Drivers Licence, Naval Driving Instructions & ID card with photo showing him as POM(E) in uniform.

Near EF $475


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Three: British Korea & UN Korea, RAAF LSGC A22336 Cpl A. G. Hunt first two impressed last is pantograph.

Comes with a large quantity of research showing him as an Armfitt.  Along with two AWM photo’s naming Hunt and indicating he is a member of 77 Sqn

Included are two unofficial medals being the 50-year commemoration (named) & the Korean service medal.

LSGC not common with Korea pairs

Near EF $950


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Six: Member of the British Empire (MBE) 2nd type Military, Pacific Star (small impressed), Defence, War and Australian Service Medal (all impressed) VX119275 P. R. GARRETT. Also, it is suggested he was able to wear the King Gustav Medal for sport (shooting awarded 1973) which accompanies the group.

Served in Coastal command RAA until joining the 2/9th BN AIF in June 1945 going on to receive a Gun Shot Wound to the knee in July. Interestingly he incurred an incredible number of minor charges recorded during his service.

MBE Civil awarded June 1981.-Shooting, having been in the German Olympics in 1972 and Canada in 1976

This group comes with a number of unofficial awards & decorations in both full size and miniature plus medallions, wall plaques and large silver plate trophy for Hobart 1958 for shooting. And 18 medallions and official shooting trophies.  

Includes a number of original documents and certificates (5) plus original MBE warrant, An extremely scarce group to an Australian Olympic participant.



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Seven: Knight Bachelor's Badge: Order of the British Empire - first type military member's breast badge; 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal with M.I.D.; Coronation Medal 1937; Coronation Medal 1953. CAPT W.J. Cooper A.I.F. WWI trio impressed, others unnamed. 

Senator the Hon.Sir Walter Jackson Cooper Kt MBE Federal Minister for Repatriation 1949-60. Former Senate Opposition Leader, Senator for Queensland 1928-32 and 1934.


Born 23rd April 1891 Lancs. U.K. arrive in Australia 1910. Took up pastoral property in Winton Qld 1914. Served in 15 Bn A.I.F. at Gallipoli, Egypt, and France. Lost right leg at Pozieres 1916. Transferred to No.4 Sqdn A.F.C. (MBE) honoured by Royal Humane Society for saving life at Southport Qld 1913.


Kt.1959. M.I.D. MO/331 1919. MBE C.G. 6Oct1919.'This Officer has throughout the final stages of the war, performed his duties as Recording Officer in a splendidly official manner, he worked under great stress and difficulty during the final advance. His earnest and wholehearted attention to duty has been a fine example to all and has greatly helped the work of the Squadron'.

Died at Manly Qld on 22Jul1973.

Coronation medals confirmed.

Knight Bachelor's badge in case of issue.

Comes with 9ct gold RSL Life Member's badge named on reverse and dated 21Feb1961.

Ex Noble Sale Lot 2067 Sale 67 2001

VF $8500

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Six: 1939-45 Star & Pacific Star, War Medal & ASM all impressed, British Korea & UN Korea both impressed. Chaplain B. L. Kelly Chaplain 2 RAAF and change to Army for Korea 1/8041 along with two unofficial medals, the 50-year Commemoration medal (named) and South Korea Service Medal.


Comes with a nice photo of recipient and booklet ‘The Army Chaplain”.


Gd VF $1950

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Seven: MBE Military, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star and Pacific Stars (all small letter impressed) Defence medal, War medal MID and ASM (all impressed) SX 6032 Captain J. S. Greene AASC.

MID London Gazette 23,12.1943 Australian Gazette same date 23.12.1943

MBE London Gazette 14.2.46 Australian Gazette 21.2.46

Comes with RAS badge and original documents (5) referring to his MBE and Service.

A scarce double award group.

Gd VF $2500


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An extremely rare group of eight comprising: 1939-45 Star and Pacific Star with BURMA CLASP (small, impressed naming) Defence Medal, War Medal and ASM (impressed), British Korea and UN Korea (both impressed) Efficiency Medal G.VI.R (engraved SGT AIF). VX 53290 & 3/3518 D L Rankin

Douglas Lloyd Rankin served Suez with the 2/7 Battalion (so no Africa star), from 13 October 1942 transferring to the 25th Australian War Graves Unit 29th June 1945 to Rangoon and the Pacific region 1 September 1945 which qualified him for the BURMA CLASP an extremely rare award to the Australian Army (the only example I have seen).

Service in Korea commenced on the 9th March 1953 with HQ British Commonwealth Force Korea.

All medals confirmed by Neil Smith.

VF $3500


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Three: Vietnam Medal (pantograph naming), RAAF LSGC E II R (engraved) Vietnam Star (pantograph Naming) A51124 G. T. Stratton F/SGT Plus two citations.

Noted on the roll for 2 Squadron RAAF.

This combination is seldom encountered.

Gd VF $950

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Four: Vietnam Medal with MID (impressed) DFSM with two bars, National Medal with one bar, Vietnam Star (last three engraved) Colonel J Newman RAAOC.

MID confirmed serving with 1 ALSG.

Retired as Colonel 11.3.1983.

Gd VF $2450


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Pair: British Korea (correctly impressed) and UN Korea to 1/1291 R Brown who was a member of 3 RAR and was KILLED IN ACTION 7th November 1951 following and a continuation of the outstanding Australian success at MARYANG SAN

Originally this pair were sold many years ago with an unnamed UN which is a strong indication of having been issued this way. The late Bill Connell known for his casualty collection purchased an unnamed UN group direct from the family.

Comes with some research and a PDF of a 4-page report on his internment.

A Scarce Australian casualty for Korea

VF $2750


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Group of four: British Korea with MID, UN Korea both marked with D for duplicate, 50-year commemoration medal (engraved), South Korea Service medal (unnamed) 1400226 Sgt. P. A. Larkings who was a member of 3 RAR.

MID London Gazette 24.11.1953 and Australian Gazette 26.11.1953

With original certificate of service, RAS badge & US Citation

 Gd VF $850


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Group of nine: 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star (both impressed Naval style), Defence medal, War medal and Australian service medals, UN Medal (all four impressed) Coronation 1953 (confirmed) Naval Long Service Medal (impressed CH. YEO. SIGS RAN) plus unofficial BECOF Medal (named) 34944 M H McCormick RAN


VF $1200


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Pair: Queens South Africa 1899 four clasps “CC, Rhodesia, OFS, T” 1258 Tpr. A. Cain NSW BUSHMEN KSA two clasps 345 Serjt. A. Cain BECH’LD RIF.

Note: Alexander Cain was born in Geelong, Victoria.

ex Bill Woolmore collection

Gd VF $2850


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Member of the Order of Australia name erased and comes with lapel pin




Pair: British war medal and Victory medal impressed to 4191 PTE A SMITH 23 BN AIF

4191 Pte Alfred Smith embarked on the 7th March 1916 from Melbourne with the 23rd Battalion AIF.

WIA: 4th October 1917 “Gunshot wounds left leg and right foot” CCS 10 France

Alfred succumbed to his wounds on the 6th October 1917 France with the 23rd Battalion at the age of 19

Grave reference; Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery XX - G - 13A

Place of association: Ballarat, Victoria.

Note: comes with replica miniature death plaque.

VF $525


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Six: 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Australian Service Medal and Greek War Medal (un-named as issued). All Commonwealth Medals correctly named to SX1922 A H WHYTE

Arthur Henry Whyte enlisted on the 4th March 1940 into the 2/3rd Field Regiment at Adelaide

Embarked 13th August 1940 for the Middle East

Served in Libya, Greece and Crete during which time he was Court Marshalled three times serving a total of 139 days in field prison.

A copy of a letter written by Private Whyte (included) gives us the following insight into his Crete service;

‘On Crete about 15th or 16th of May 1941 I was charged before the Regimental Orderly Room and sentenced to 21 days detention. The charge was for being A.W.L. for 13 ½ hours. After serving 4 days of this sentence the Blitz for Crete started. I with many others, was told that we could either stay and serve our sentences or go to the front lines. I decided to take the latter course. I was then released without prejudice”.

Discharged 26th October 1942 on compassionate grounds.

Comes with research and original documents.



Four: 1939/45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal and Australian Service Medal 1939/45. 1939/45 and Pacific Stars un-named (as often issued). War and Australian Service medals both officially impressed P A 3164 J. G. SMITH

John Gordon Smith enlisted 22nd September 1942 into the Royal Australian Navy at Adelaide

Discharged 26th March 1946, rank Stoker

Unit/Ship on discharge listed as “HMAS TORRENS”

Note: Stoker Smith served on numerous ships during his service including HMAS Swan and also serving at the naval bases HMAS Magnetic and Moreton to name a few.