Helmet Plates & Cross belts

Gordon Highlanders Officers Shoulder Belt Plate c.1881-1953.

Rectangular gilt back plate with silver mounted Order of the Thistle and Egypt Sphinx and India Tiger, to the centre regimental title with Stag and Coronet, standard hook and stud fasteners to the rear, gilt worn, otherwise good condition



The Royal Scots Officers Shoulder Belt Plate c.1900.

A fine example, the rectangular gilt back plate with silver plate mounts. Title scroll ‘The Royal Scots’ with cut central star of the Order of the Thistle, further mount in gilt of the Thistle and motto of the Order, green enamel backing to the centre, with standard hook and stud fasteners to the rear, good condition



A scarce Shoulder belt plate overlay to the 12th Regiment being of the type worn by the Regiment at Eureka Stockade in 1854. Complete with all four lugs and in excellent condition.


A Scarce Shoulder Belt Plate for the 90Th  PERTHSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY.

Purchased from “Tradition” in 1980 and described by them as worn 1825 – 1837.

However, Parkyn shows it as plate 228 worn between 1830 – 45.

Good detail in silver work $2850

A Very Rare centre piece of a bell top shako/ forage cap badge for the 90th PERTHSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY.

Sold with a period accompanying notation “Shako Badge of Henry Ashmore Evatt 90th L.I.”.

The rear of the badge has all the tell-tale fittings which suggest that it is off the next pattern shoulder belt plate mentioned but not illustrated by Parkyn. However, I believe its sheer size (70mm) makes this unlikely and leans towards the centre piece of a HP.

There is a well-known photo by Fenton of seven 90th Officers in the Crimea all showing similar badges on their high front forage caps shown above

Very Good condition and very rare $2750

1st (Royal) Dragoons Horse Gilt Bit Boss in very good gilt. Victorian issue with Guelphic crown and central lion over crown complete with all lugs. Superb condition


South Africa: Prince Alfred’s Guard Helmet Plate 1874-1890. In white metal and complete with two lugs.



3rd Kent Royal Arsenal Artillery Volunteer Corps Officer’s Edwardian Period Helmet Plate. A solid cast gilt metal example of standard Royal Arms pattern, the top scroll inscribed, ‘3rd Kent’ and the lower, ‘Royal Arsenal Arty. Vol. Corps’. Complete with three loop fasteners, slight gilt loss otherwise good condition



An 1881-1901 Norfolk Regiment Helmet Plate in brass, laurel wreath surrounds the voided centre, the figure of Britannia seated is white metal and backed by red felt.



1st Brecknockshire Rifle Volunteers Other Ranks Victorian Period Helmet Plate, good quality example in die stamped white metal of crowned star and laurel pattern, with central circle ‘1st Brecknockshire. R.V’, in the centre the Prince of Wales’s crest and motto and regimental motto, three loop fasteners, very good condition




The Welsh Regiment 3rd Volunteer Battalions Other Ranks Victorian Period Helmet Plate, good quality die stamped white metal example of standard pattern crowned star and laurel, back plate with circular centre Prince of Wales’s crest and regimental motto plus unit title, with original lug fasteners,